FAQ: Veterans' Service Agency

Q: How is an “eligible veteran” defined?

A: The veteran must have served in armed forces of the U.S. or National Guard, received no less than a “general” discharge and been a resident of Ulster County. Veterans with less than two (2) years active service must have their bronze marker paid for by the family/informant.

Q: Who can be buried there?

A: Eligible veterans and optionally, a spouse.

Q: Does the County own the UCVC?

A: No. The County contracts with the NPRC to partition a section exclusively designated as the UCVC. Once a veteran is interred there, a plot deed is issued by NPRC in the name of the County for the deceased.

Q: Where is the Ulster County Veterans Cemetery located?

A: 81 Plains Road New Paltz, NY, on the grounds of the New Paltz Rural Cemetery (NPRC).