Bar Association Booklet

A photograhic record of the lawyers of Ulster County c.(1925-1926)

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001-M.0. Auchmoody 002- Grant Brinnier 003- FW Brooks & L.B. Carle 004- M.A. Baker 005- W.D. Brinnier Jr.
1-M.0. Auchmoody 2-Grant Brinnier 3-F.W. Brooks & L.B. Carle 4-M.A. Baker 5-W.D. Brinnier Jr.
007- B.F. Cecire 008- W.N. Cunningham 009- P. Canfield, Jr. 010- J.E. Conway
6-J.M. Cashin, J.A. Betts, F.W. Brooks 7-B.F. Cecire 8-W.N. Cunningham 9-P. Canfield, Jr. 10-J.E. Conway
011- A.T Clearwater 012- M.V. Cahill 013- Howard Chipp Jr. 014- John T. Cahill 015- J.M. Cashin
11-A.T Clearwater 12-M.V. Cahill 13-Howard Chipp Jr. 14-John T. Cahill 15-J.M. Cashin
016- A.C. Connelly 017- H.W. Coons 018- A.J. Cook 019- W.D. Cunningham 020- Howard Chipp Jr.
16-A.C. Connelly 17-H.W. Coons 18-A.J. Cook 19-W.D. Cunningham

20-Howard Chipp Jr.

021- Thos F. Coughlin 022-L.G. Carpenter 023- Palmer Canfield Jr 024 Chas. D. Deyo 025- Bernard V. Duffy
21-Thos F. Coughlin 22-L.G. Carpenter 23-Palmer Canfield Jr. 24-Chas. D. Deyo 25-Bernard V. Duffy
026- Henry R. Dewitt 027- Manuel Ditteheimer 028- Chas. DelaVergue 029- Flavius Dibbell 030- Chas. D. Deyo
26-Henry R. Dewitt 27-Manuel Ditteheimer 28-Chas. DelaVergue 29-Flavius Dibbell 30-Chas. D. Deyo

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