Reports - Audits and Reports


Our Office identifies areas of fiscal or performance risk within County government, as well as areas typically susceptible to error or waste. We also conduct exhaustive reviews of the County government units which oversee those areas, to ensure best practices are followed. The following are published audits produced by our office since 2008, as well as many of the audits performed by the county's outside auditors and analyses of the administration on certain issues.

February 4, 2019 Audit of Public Defender Grants-Counsel At First Appearance & Caseload Reductions
March 6, 2018 Feb 2018 Audit of Internal Controls Over County Managed Health Benefit Plan
April 3, 2018 2018 Annual Audit Report & Risk Assessment
April 25, 2018 Medical Examiner's Office Report
May 21, 2018 Audit of Ulster County's Petty Cash Funds
June 8, 2018 Ulster Co. Eco-Development Alliance Programmatic Review
September 6, 2018 DPW Small Equipment Inventory Follow-Up Audit
October 9, 2018 Internal Control Follow Up Audit of I.T. Equipment
December 8, 2017 Purchasing Department Audit Follow-Up Review
January 4, 2018 Board Of Elections Cost. Final Phase-In Report
July 24, 2017 May 2017.Postage Meter and Mailing Audit
July 24, 2017 June 2017.Health Benefit Dependent Eligibility Audit Follow-Up
September 7, 2017 August 2017 Family of Woodstock Contract Audit
November 6, 2017 October 2017 Accountability Compliance&Efficiency Dept. Reveiw
December 20, 2017 December 2016 BOE Election Costs Report
November 2016 Audit of UCAT Ridership Data and Revenue Collection
October 2016 DPW Small Equipment
October 2016 Childcare and Development Block Grant Follow Up Review
September 2016 Ulster County Bureau of Weights and Measures Report
September 2016 City of Kingston Delinquent School Tax Payment Audit
August 2016 Sheriff’s Office Inmate Commissary Audit
July 2016 Management Letter Review
June 2016 Public Property Auction Outcome
May 2016 Understanding the Sales Tax Agreement
May 2016 Probation Department Audit of Internal Controls over Receipt and Disbursement of Restitution
May 2016 Electric Car Charging Stations Usage Report
April 2016 Sales Tax Revenue and Disbursement Audit
April 2016 College Chargebacks: A County’s Share for its Community
March 2016 Cash Receipts Audit
February 2016 Understanding the Ulster County Sales Tax
December 2015 BOE Election Costs Report
December 2015 Contract Compliance
October 2015 Follow Up on 2014 Audit Findings
September 2015 DSS HEAP Application Audit
July 2015 O’Connor Davies Independent Accountant Report
July 2015 Computer Equipment Inventory Audit
June 2015 Tax Lien Foreclosure Report
March 2015 County Fuel Management Report
October 2014 IDA Practices Report
June 2014 Health Benefit Report
June 2014 County Electeds/Appointeds Salary Comparison
June 2014 Procurement Audit Report
April 2014 Hotel Bed Tax Credit
April 2013 Procurement Credit Cards Report
May 2013 Child Care and Development Block Grants Report
December 2012 Payout of Employee Accrued Time Report
November 2012 Community College Chargeback Report
September 2012 URGENT Law Enforcement Program Report
March 2011 Membership Audit
October 2010 County Health Insurance Benefit Report
May 2010 DSS Services Report
November 2009, Ulster County Department of Health Environmental Sanitation Division
October 2009 Meals on Wheels Report
August 2009 DSS Report
July 2009, Report on Ulster County’s Wireless Telecommunication Devices
May 2009 UCAT Cash Collection Report
March 2009 Baseline Report

Snapshots Reports

Our Office monitors various economic indicators and issues which regularly impact the County’s fiscal health, in order to give Ulster taxpayers a broad perspective on topics which affect them. The following Snapshot summations may be downloaded below.

February 5, 2019 Mortgage Recording Tax Report
April 17, 2018 2018 Tax Lien Foreclosure Report
February 15, 2017 Claims Auditor's Year in Review-2016 Spending Tracker-
February 28, 2017 February 2017 Green Chimneys No-For-Profit Snapshot Series
April 18, 2017 2017 Tax Lien Foreclosure Report-By The Numbers
September 28, 2017 ESOPUS 2020 Forum
December 2016 Family of Woodstock Not-For-Profit Snapshot Series
November 2016 Ulster County Trends in Taxable Sales
September 2016 ARC, Not-for-Profits Snapshot Series
August 2016 On the Rise: Ulster County Sales Tax Revenue
August 2016 Ulster County Ethics Report
August 2016 Mid-Hudson Snapshot, Sizing Up Ulster
July 2016 Mental Health Association Not-for-Profits Snapshot
June 2016 Not-For-Profit Gateway Snapshot
May 2016 Food Violation Report
April 2016 Not For Profit Snapshot Report
April 2016 Property Tax Foreclosure Report
March 2016 Gas Tax Report
January 2016 County Spending Tracker
December 2015 Clothing Donation Bin Snap Shot Report
October 2014 County Spending Tracker
September 2014 County Spending Tracker
August 2014 County Spending Tracker
July 2014 County Spending Tracker
April 2014 Property Tax Foreclosure Report
June 2014 County Salary Comparison Report
December 2013 Wholly Exempt Property Report
February 2013 Towns Property Tax Relevy Report
April 2013 Property Tax Forclosure Report
April 2013 School District Tax Collections 2012-2013
August 2012 Tax Collection Report
June 2012 County Wide Property Tax Assessment Report
November 2012 Confidential Funds Report
August 2012 Fiscal Stress Test
Bank Conformation Report 2012
March 2011 Electronic Time and Attendance Project Review
December 2011 DSS Commissioner’s Bank Account Report
February 2011 Future of the UCRRA Report
July 2011 Bank Reconciliation Report
August 2011 Assigned Counsel Report
2011 January, 2010 Legislative Attendance Report
May 2010 Total Debt Service Report
March 2009, A White Paper on Improving Internal Control in Ulster County’s New Charter Form of Government

Quarterly Reports

Our office issues quarterly reports on the fiscal health and outlook of Ulster County. You may download published reports below