Fraud & Waste Detect Services - Procedure for Investigating

All calls or e-mails to our Hotline go directly to the Comptroller’s Division of Audit and Control, where professional career auditors follow up on every report or allegation.  All Hotline reports are treated confidentially.

If cause is found, our procedures for follow up may include a number of different investigative techniques including the use of the authority of the Comptroller to audit a particular office and/or department, or the referral of the matter to the appropriate County, state, or federal officials for follow up. The investigation may result in a written report on the issue and recommendations to the County Executive and Legislature. Such reports, unless release of some or all of the contents are prohibited by law due to the nature of the material, are always made public and posted on our website. The vigilance of Ulster County taxpayers is a welcome and important aspect of the discharge of our duties, and a relationship we take very seriously.