Ulster County Capital Resource Corporation (UCCRC)

Mission Statement

The mission of the Ulster County Capital Resource Corporation (UCCRC) is to promote community and economic development in Ulster County in ways that complement the work of Ulster County, primarily through issuing and selling bonds for non-profit institutions.

Corporation Membership

Michael Horodyski, Chair
Robert Kinnin, Secretary
Floyd Lattin, Treasurer
John Livermore, Assistant Secretary
James Malcolm, Assistant Treasurer
John Morrow, Vice Chair
Mary Sheeley, Member


Finance Committee
  • Michael Horodyski, Chair
  • Robert Kinnin
  • Floyd Lattin
  • John Livermore
  • James Malcolm
  • John Morrow
  • Mary Sheeley
Audit Committee
  • Floyd Lattin, Chair
  • John Livermore
  • Mary Sheeley
Governance Committee
  • Robert Kinnin
  • James Malcolm
  • John Morrow, Chair