Nina Postupack, County Clerk

Davis Family Donation

Inaugural Donation to the Ulster County Clerk's Record Donation Program

When the twelve original counties of the Colonial Province of New York were created in 1683, the clerk of the Court of Sessions acted as registrar of land conveyances and was generally known as the County Clerk. Since then the duties of the clerk have included custodian of civil and criminal court records and minutes; recorder of land records; agent for the Department of State for passports; agent for the Department of Justice for immigration; agent for the Commissioner of Motor Vehicles for registration and licensing; and the custodian of county records.

As custodian of records, the County Clerk oversees the Ulster County Records Management Program - a proven success that is recognized throughout New York State.

That recognition has lead to recent returns of official Ulster County records of historical value - some from the New York State Archives in 2003 and others from the Huguenot Historical Society in 2001 and 2005. Continuing a more than 320 year tradition of responsible records management that began with a locked wooden chest in a basement store room and is now known as the Ulster County Archives, a state-of-the-art facility in the Ulster County Records Center, the Honorable Nina Postupack, our 45th Clerk of the County of Ulster, announces a new initiative called the Records Donation Program.

The Records Donation Program is designed to encourage the rightful return of official county records, especially those of historical value, and to recognize their donors.

Read the May 12, 2006 Press Release

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On the occasion of the inauguration of the Records Donation Program, Ulster County Clerk Nina Postupack is pleased to recognize

Diane Lindsey
Joan Larkin Dresow
Arthur A. Davis III
Robert E. Davis
Stephen J. Davis
William L. Davis

who in memory of their parents

Judge Arthur A. Davis Jr. &
Jean Larkin Davis

donate to the County Clerk’s Office

“Although Kingston’s formative years have been accessible to scholars ever since the Dutch records (1658-1684) were translated over a century ago, governmental records of early eighteenth century Kingston and Ulster County have until now been scarce and fragmentary.  Through the generosity of the Davis family, a huge remedial step has been taken in expanding the archival resources for study of Ulster County’s English colonial period”.
Marc B. Fried, Author and Historian

“It is exciting, indeed, to read these documents, for one feels the present and the past merge.  The Records are a window through which one views life in Ulster County 300 yrs. ago, the people, how they lived, what they ate, the condition of their homes, the taxes they paid, the crimes they committed. In many ways, the past mirrors the present”.
Rose Irvine, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus SUNY at New Paltz

“The Records Donation Program is another step forward in the preservation of these and other original documents.  I have no doubt that this records bureau is the top-notch records facility in New York State.  On a personal note, I attended Kingston High School with Judge Arthur and Jean Larkin Davis and knew them both well as outstanding members of our community. It is most fitting to have them honored by the donation of these priceless documents in their memory”.
Edwin M. Ford, City of Kingston Historian

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