Nina Postupack, County Clerk

Exhibit - Duty & Disaster

Oath of Allegiance to the State of New York, c.1785


I do herebysolemnly without any mental reservation and equivocation whatsoever, swear and declare, and call God to Witness (or if of the People called Quakers affirm) That I renounce and abjure all Allegiance to the King of Great Britain; and that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the State of New York as a free and independant State; and that I will in all things to the best of my knowledge and ability do my duty as a good and faithful Subject of the State ought to do. So help me God.

  • Levi Pawling
  • D: Wynkoop
  • Johannis Sleght
  • Johs. Snyder
  • Petrus Mynderse(?)
  • Jacob D,lamatter
  • Corn. E. Wynkoop Jun.(?)
  • John DeWitt(?)
  • Benj. Carpenter
  • Henry(?) Smith
  • Wolvert :Ecker
  • William Wilkin
  • Abraham Donaldson
  • Abel Belknap
  • Patrick Barber
  • James McClaghry
  • John Hunter
  • Loenard D. Nicoll
  • Jonathan Smith
  • Henry Wisners Jun.(?)
  • John Nicholson
  • Johannis Jan Jansen
  • Benjamin Smedes Jun.
  • James Hunter
  • Daniel Graham


  • Benjamin De puis
  • Harmanis van wagenen
  • John Robinson
  • Joseph Depuy
  • Anning Smith
  • Thos. Peacock
  • D: Wynkoop
  • Egbert Dumond Sheriff:
  • Sworn 22th March 1785
  • Moses Yeomans under Sherif:
  • Sworn 13th April 1785
  • Adam Crans Under Sherif:
  • Sworn 18th April 1785
  • Edward Livingston Atty. At law
  • Oct. 31.1785 Jon Sleght one of the Coroners of Ulster Co.
  • Cornelius Dumond Under Sheriff
  • July 19th
  • Levi Dodge Under Sheriff
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