The Matthewis Persen House Museum

Ulster County invites you to the Matthewis Persen House, a cornerstone of the City of Kingston's historic Stockade District. This house has witnessed many important moments in Ulster County's history. It was burned at least twice, saw wars and revolution and was home to doctors, tailors, grocers, druggists and innkeepers. As you walk through the House, you walk through time. Please join us at the Persen House located at 74 John Street, Kingston, New York and let us take you on a tour and bring Ulster County's rich history alive!

This season will offer a variety of fun and educational events. Enjoy re-enactments from the 1st Ulster Militia and learn about life as a militia-man, as well as what it was like to be a Revolutionary War doctor. Join Native American heritage groups for crafts, drumming, and lectures. Local historians and historical groups will also be hosting meet & greet events and presentations. Make sure to stop by October 13 for a "Burning of Kingston" preview for the 2019 re-enactment. It is going to be an exciting season at the Persen House! For more information, please visit

It is sure to be an exciting year as we continue to keep Ulster County's history alive! Admission is free so please join us at the Persen House!

Make sure to check out our 2019 Persen House Schedule.