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The following are publications available free of charge from the Ulster County Archives, either as Adobe files downloadable from this page, or as printed materials available from the Archives office.

Geneological and other Resources of the Ulster County Archives

6 pages, pdf format, 217 k

A guide to the research resources available through the Ulster County Records Management Division of the Ulster County Clerk's Office.

The Richard Nicolls/
Esopus Indian Treaty
of 1665

24 pages, pdf format, 2.8Mb

Text and images from a local history publication about a treaty between English Governor Richard Nicolls and the Sachems (or Chiefs) of the Sopes Indians dated October 7, 1665.

Historical Sketch of Esopus, Wilytwyck and Kingston, and their Relations with Old Fort Orange, Beverwyck and Albany

7 pages, pdf format, 24k

An essay providing background information about the first settlement of Esopus, the establishment of representative government and the disappearance and recovery of certain Kingston records.

The Ashokan Reservoir Record Series: A Guide to the Special Record Collection Pertaining to the Construction of the Reservoir and Subsequent Court Proceedings

131 pages, pdf format, 407k

A Microfilm Finding Aid showing claimant name, parcel numbers, and microfilm rolls numbers documenting the claims of property and business owners against the City of New York.

Records Center lobby

When Cultures CollideWhen Cultures Collide - The Story of the Esopus Natives and Their Encounter with European Colonialism in Ulster County

This curriculum consists of fourteen (14) Lesson Plans, which are based on pre-written history artifacts and historical documents.  Each lesson plan provides teachers and students with Document-Based Questions (DBQ). 

The lesson plans are arranged chronologically, with the first lesson plan discussing the earliest ancestors of the Lenape Nation.  The first six activities use artifacts as the primary documents from which the activities have been created.  Lesson Plan Three, titled, “Archeology Field School”, includes a CD-ROM documenting several archeological excavations in Ulster County.  In addition, the CD-ROM contains several slides with images of local Native pottery, beads and projectile points. 

Builders of Ulster County - coverThe Builders of Ulster County - A Curriculum on the History of Immigration

Packet Index & Intro , 7 pages, pdf format, 679k (links to each lesson file)
Full Teaching Packet, 98 pages, pdf format, 24.7mb

A teaching packet curriculum appropriate for grades fourth through eighth.  The curriculum addresses the need to study immigration while developing ELA and mathematical skills in real contexts.  Students use real documents to follow not only the collective history of the region but also the unique journeys of individual people who came to Ulster County seeking a better life.

Who'll Weep for Me - A Teacher's Guide to The Rise of the Poorhouse System in Ulster County

packet index 1 page, pdf format, 179k
lesson 2 excerpt- 8 pages, pdf format, 2.7mb

A complete bound version is also available from the Archives Office A teaching packet curriculum appropriate for fourth, fifth, seventh and eighth grades. The curriculum gives students an opportunity to examine and interpret archival documents that reveal the social and economic circumstances of those relegated to the Ulster County Poorhouse in the nineteenth century. ribbon

This publication earned Ulster County the 2004 Annual Archives Award for Excellence in the Educational Use of Local Government Records from the New York State Board of Regents and the New York State Archives.


The crossword puzzleFor Kids Activity Books includes "Biographies for Kids", "Genealogy for Kids", "Persen House for Kids" and "Biographies for Kids". Answer questions, solve puzzles, play games and more in these fun and fact-filled activity books authored "For Kids" by the Ulster County Clerk's Office Records Management Program. Meet booklet helpers Marty Map, Archie Ant, Christopher Caterpillar and Betsy Bookworm as they guide you through these fun and educational books.
download full document 96 pages, pdf format 29Mb

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