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Coloring bookColonial Kingston Coloring Book

download full document 28 pages, pdf format 18Mb
download first 14 pages, pdf format 8.7Mb
download last 14 pages, pdf format 9.1Mb

Illustrations and text about the history of Kingston, New York from 1609 to 1784. The Coloring Book is posted here with permission from the former Stockade Committee at the Friends of Historic Kingston, Florette Myers, Chair.

The crossword puzzleFor Kids Activity Books includes "Biographies for Kids", "Genealogy for Kids", "Persen House for Kids" and "Biographies for Kids". Answer questions, solve puzzles, play games and more in these fun and fact-filled activity books authored "For Kids" by the Ulster County Clerk's Office Records Management Program. Meet booklet helpers Marty Map, Archie Ant, Christopher Caterpillar and Betsy Bookworm as they guide you through these fun and educational books.
download full document 96 pages, pdf format 29Mb

crossword puzzleArchives Crossword Activity Packet

3 pages, pdf format 305k

Includes a crossword puzzle, answer clues and an archival questions page featuring Mr. History. Developed by summer intern Stacey Noble in 2002.

treaty coverThe Richard Nicolls/
Esopus Indian Treaty
of 1665

24 pages, pdf format, 2.8Mb

Text and images from a local history publication about a treaty between English Governor Richard Nicolls and the Sachems (or Chiefs) of the Sopes Indians dated October 7, 1665.


Do you want to know more about your county, state or national government?  Here you will find links to official government sites as well as a few sites that are just interesting and fun...

New York Department of State
A fun place to learn about New York State

NYS Department of Agriculture & Markets
A great New York State coloring book you can print out and color.

The Smithsonian Education
Explore, discover & learn

New York State Senate
Games, puzzles and lots of information about the New York State Senate

New York State Assembly
This page will take you on a tour of the New York State Assembly and other great things to do and learn about

U.S. government interagency Kids' Portal
This site is developed and maintained by the Federal Consumer Information Center.  It provides links to Federal kids' sites along with some of the best kids' sites from other organizations all grouped by subject.

New York State Homepage
The official site of New York State with links to the executive, legislative and judicial branches of state government

The Library of Congress
The official site of the Library of Congress, with info on its collections, exhibits, copyright law and a special site with resources for kids.

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