Nina Postupack, County Clerk


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We thought you might like to read some feeback we have received from a few officials, researchers and students we have worked with.

March 2, 2006

Ms. Nina Postupack
Ulster County Clerk
244 Fair Street
Kingston, NY 12401

Dear Ms. Postupack:

Recently, I contacted the Ulster County Records Center (UCRC), asking for information regarding my ancestors who lived in Ulster County in the 19th Century.  From the initial phone call through my time at the center, I encountered a professional and courteous staff who assisted me at my research.  Additionally, the archival information available at the center and at its website is truly remarkable for anyone doing genealogical and legal research.

I would like to acknowledge, Ken Gray, Archival Processing Technician, for his expertise and courtesy at providing a wealth of information on my ancestors.  His knowledge of the archives, along with his time researching the information and answering my questions was very much appreciated.

In the past three years, I have traveled to many sites throughout the state, researching information on my fathers’ ancestors.  Of all the sites I visited, I found the staff at UCRC the most professional and courteous to novices like myself.  In an age where technology and the internet seem to dominate all interactions between people, it is nice to know that there are people out there, like Mr. Gray and the staff at UCRC, who are willing to work directly with people and do so in such a professional and courteous manner.  They are a true asset to the civic services offered by Ulster County.

With kindest regards, I remain,
Very truly yours,

Robert P. Donaldson

Cahill letter Letter from Assemblyman Cahill, May 5, 2006, regarding the new Records Donation Program.

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Kevin A. Cahill
Member of Assembly
October 10, 2002

"The residents of Ulster County are fortunate to have a dedicated office, such as yours, to preserving not just the memory of our past, but the important recordation as well. Over the course of the years, I have been proud to support the county's successful application for over $57,000 in state dollars to assist these and other records management initiatives.

As a former Ulster County Legislator and past member of the State Archives Visitors Board, and as your representative in the New York State Assembly, I am proud to support and will continue to advocate for funding programs that preserve the rich history of Ulster County."

thank you letter

Pat Gleason
Kingston City Schools
January 3, 2002

"Dear Mr. Spada, On behalf   of the Kingston School District I would like to thank   you for the support that we have received from the Ulster   County Record Management Archives Program...

A group of teachers has been working with Mr. Gray and Ms. Hancock in trying to utilize documents from the Ulster County Records Management Archives. We hope to select documents pertaining to thematic areas and formulating activities and lessons that will relate to New York State Social Studies Standards based on the use of these documents. The social studies committee that I serve on asked that I thank you, Mr. Gray and Ms. Hancock for all the support and time that has been given to our teachers... I am looking forward to continuing our working relationship and appreciate the fact that our teachers and students can benefit from such a valuable local resources."

An Email Received February 5, 2003

Good Morning Ken,
This is (the Mrs.) Al Shortt. He prefers to be out taking photos or playing golf rather than mess with this genealogy stuff! So I am the one you have been communicating with. We were not home during the time you sent the photo. However, Al went directly in to pull up what you had sent. I think it was a very special moment for him to see the photo of his grandfather come up. He was 8 at the time of his death, but had a memory of having seen the photo or perhaps him! You did good work!! The file is already in "photshop" waiting to be enhanced! We cannot express enough thanks!! I have been doing our genealogy for several years now. I finished my family this past year, having gone from NY to Slovakia. I have been working on Al's for some time now as well. I have made many phone calls, done a lot of computer searching, made many requests by mail, talked to a lot of people, etc. etc. but I have not had the pleasure of communicating with some like you!! You have been so responsive and it has been wonderful!! There must be other technicians - but we got lucky!!

The Shortts

thank you letter

Ray LeFever
New York State Archives

"Dear Laurie, ...I'm so pleased with the progress Ulster County has made in its archival records program. Congrats to you and to Ken for all your hard work. And a big thank you to Mr. Spada for having the foresight to advocate for the need to make the county's historical records available for research."

NYS Archives letterLetter from the Brenda Parnes of the New York State Archives, July 29, 2005, regarding the Who Will Weep for Me teaching packet..

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Town of Lloyd

Letter from Town of Lloyd historian regarding the Ulster County Records Center.

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April 27, 2005

The County Clerk of Ulster County Mr. Albert Spada Dear Mr. Spada, Mr. Gray & your STAFF at "RECORDS" were very helpful to I & my family. Our Relative of over hundred years ago WAS LOST AND WAS FOUND.

Thank you,

Joseph A. Murphy,
Artist MEMBER OF A.S.K. Kingston, NY 12401

Tema Harnik
Lower Hudson Conference of Historical Agencies & Museums
October 16, 2002

"Your inaugural Ulster County Archives web site it terrific... I look forward to the exceptional access this site provides to Ulster County's unique historical records."

Myers School LetterLetter from Andrea Lambeth-Smith, Acting Principal of the Ernest C. Myer School, March 24, 2003 regarding the Nicolls/Esopus Indian Treaty

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Priscilla Costello
July 12, 2001

"Dear Ms. Beecroft,
It was a pleasure to do genealogy research at your records center two weeks ago. My daughter Gwen Becker, and I were very impressed with your set up. We have been in many states and county offices and I wish they could all manage their records as you do in Kingston.  Ken Gray could not have been more helpful in aiding us with our research. He understood what we were looking for and could zero right in on the needed materials. We know he will advise us if anything turns up that we can use."

Paula C. Childs
Director of Elementary Education
Kingston City Schools
June 11, 2003

"The contribution of your time, resources and expertise really helped to bring the whole concept of "primary documents" alive to our third grade students... Indeed the success of this program demonstrates the strength of working collaboratively with the community to provide our students with the best possible education. I hope this is the beginning of a long working relationship!"

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