On file in the Ulster County Clerk's Office are all civil and criminal records from the Supreme and County Courts in Ulster County. Copies of records are available to the public if they are not sealed documents. The following procedure can be followed to obtain copies:

  1. You may write to the Ulster County Clerk's Office, 244 Fair Street, Kingston, New York 12401. Please make reference to the index number, filing date, names of the parties involved and documents you wish copied.
  2. The fee is 65 cents per page and the fee is required at the time the request is mailed in. If a search of the records is necessary the fee is $5.00 for every two years searched. If the document needs to be certified there is an additional fee of $1.25 per page (min.$5.00). We accept check or money order.
  3. Copies will be mailed back to you at the address indicated on the request.

Telephone requests are accepted for filing information for court records from July, 1987 to present.

Common Fees

Index Number: $210.00
Request For Judicial Intervention: $ 95.00
Jury Demand: $ 65.00
Notice of Appeal Filing Fee: $ 65.00
Note of Issue Filing Fee: $ 30.00
Scar Petition: $ 30.00