Records Management - Archival Division

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The Ulster County Archives serves the departments within Ulster County Government by protecting information and archival media of fundamental significance in establishing, maintaining and developing community identities and individual or collective self knowledge and which document the mutual right and obligations entered into by Board of Supervisors Minutes from 1703its citizens and those whom the people choose to govern.

The Archives is responsible for the safe keeping of essential primary records of the Government and Courts which document custom and precedent, legal rights and obligations, transactions and accountability, operational activities and performance, administrative and management policy, directions and decisions, as well as those records principally of historical and cultural significance. The Ulster County Archives does not, at this time, own any of the archival records stored within the Ulster County Records Center. The ownership of the records remains with the originating department.

All archival activities must be coordinated with the department that owns the record via the Department Records Coordinator. These activities include reference requests, inventory, formal accessioning, development of Finding Aids or archival rehousing. The Archival Division includes certain basic core activities typical to any local government archival program. The core activities of the Archives are: identifying archival records, providing storage and a stable environment, preserving records through conservation, arranging and describing records, making the records available, and offering outreach and public programs.

In 1999, the Records Management Program received a Local Government Records Management Improvement Fund Grant from the State Archives and Records Administration to write machine readable cataloging descriptions of 500 cubic feet of archival records, including historical 101 box collection of the County Clerk. In addition, the County Clerk's Office has for the first time, hired a full-time archivist. The staff at the Archives has been working on the creation of numerous "text searchable" databases that now reside at our archives site . It has been a goal of the Archives to provide the researcher with as much information as possible through these databases.