Records Management 


The Ulster County Records Management Program employs staff who have a wide range of expertise in many areas of records management. Staff employees are capable of providing consulting services to customers in the following areas: records inventory, needs assessment, program planning, office retention schedule development, policy and procedure development, micrographics conversion, micrographics finding aids, records storage, archival records storage, microfilm storage and disaster planning.

Program Growth

It is noteworthy to mention the growth that the Records Management Program has undergone in the past ten years. The success of the Program has reached the ears of other local governments in New York State by word of mouth. Without actively seeking customers, the Ulster County Records Management Officer started receiving requests for storage and micrographic services from other local governments. Currently, the Records Management Program provides storage and micrographic services to several local governments in New York State. On numerous occasions the Micrographic Division has entered into, and successfully completed, microfilm contracts with local governments utilizing Local Government Records Management Improvement Fund grant funding. Additionally, this Division has successfully completed micrographics projects for the Office of Court Administration. This level of achievement is unprecedented in any local government records management program to date, in New York State.