Records Management - Hall of Records

Records CenterThe Hall of Records Division maintains three separate record storage areas. These areas are the Records Storage Area, Archival Vault and the Electronic/Microfilm Media Vault. Together, these storage areas have the capacity to store 31,612 cubic feet of records. Take a virtual tour.

The facility is equipped with a zone sprinkler system in the records storage area, heat and smoke sensors, water detection system and a sophisticated security and alarm system. Additionally, the facility has four separate heat, ventilation and air-conditioning systems, with five additional interior heat pumps to assist the system in climate control and several back up units. The facility is also equipped with an electric power generator that enables the running of all systems in case of a power failure.

The Archival and Electronic/Microfilm Media Vaults are extremely unique in construction. These vaults are considered to be a building within a building. They are constructed with eight inch cement block walls, which have an air space between them and the exterior walls of the facility. The ceiling is constructed of eight inch, poured span-crete (concrete) interlocking slabs. The Vaults are monitored twenty-four hours a day, via an in-house computer system and an outside security company, for temperature, humidity, fire, smoke and intrusion. Additionally, these Vaults are equipped with Heptaflouropropane to suppress a fire.

The Hall of Records services thirty-three Ulster County departments, as well as neighboring Cities, Counties, Towns and Villages. This Division is responsible for processing more than 5,000 reference requests annually, receiving and processing approximately 1,500 cubic feet of records for intake each year, and legally processing the destruction of all eligible records.