Records Management - Micrographics & Digital Imaging

The Micrographic Division is a full service micrographic service bureau, capable of producing 16mm. and 35mm. microfilm that meets the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) standards, Office of Court Administration guidelines and policies, as well as the State Archives and Records Administration microfilm  guidelines. This Division microfilms approximately 1.5 million images per year and services county departments, as well as other New York State local governments. The Office of Court Administration has inspected the Micrographics Laboratory and approved the laboratory for filming New York State Court Records.


  • pick up and delivery of source documents;
  • development of Title Targeting and microfilm specifications;
  • preparation of source documents prior to microfilming;
  • 16mm microfilming with blip coding and sequential frame numbering;
  • 35mm microfilming, including book cradle applications and architectural drawings, with sequential frame numbering;
  • archival microfilm processing including methylene blue testing;
  • complete quality control technical inspection on the silver halide gelatin original roll;
  • 100% page by page, source document verification;
  • technical inspection of the diazo duplicates;
  • indexing and labeling of original and duplicate rolls;
  • 16mm and 35mm diazo roll duplication;
  • 16mm and 35mm jacketizing;
  • 16mm and 35mm microfiche duplication.
Additionally, this division publishes Microfilm Finding Aids for each record series microfilmed. The Microfilm Finding Aids that have been published to date, have received acclaim from customers. One such Finding Aid won the Historical Services Award for Excellence from the Lower Hudson Conference Historical Agencies and Museums.