Mission & Board of Directors


The mission of the Ulster County Capital Resource Corporation ("UCCRC", "Corporation") is to promote community and economic development in Ulster County in ways that complement the work of Ulster County, primarily through issuing and selling bonds for non-profit institutions.



Directors are not subject to term limits. Each Director is appointed by and serves at the pleasure of the County Legislature of Ulster County. Accordingly, a Director may be removed without cause at any time for any reason.

Effective June 13, 2018, the Corporation's Board of Directors are:



The officers of the Board will perform the duties and functions specified in UCCRC's Bylaws and such other duties and functions as may from time to time be authorized by resolution of the Board of the Corporation or required to effect the statutory purposes of the Corporation. All officers of the Corporation are elected at the annual meeting of the Corporation. All officers remain in office for one year.

  • Randall Leverette, Chair
  • James Malcolm, Vice Chair
  • Michael Ham, Secretary
  • Faye Storms, Assistant Secretary
  • Richard Jones, Treasurer
  • Paul Andreassen, Assistant Treasurer
  • Daniel Savona, Member



The Board appoints the Chief Executive Officer, Chief Financial Officer, Contract Officer, and Investment Officer of the Corporation.

  • Chief Executive Officer: Randall Leverette
  • Chief Financial Officer to the Corporation: Christopher J. Rioux
  • Contract Officer: Randall Leverette
  • Investment Officer: Randall Leverette



Finance Committee

  • Randall Leverette, Chair 
  • Paul Andreassen
  • Michael J. Ham
  • Richard O. Jones
  • James Malcolm
  • Daniel Savona
  • Faye Storms

Audit Committee

  • Richard O. Jones, Chair
  • Paul Andreassen
  • Faye Storms

Governance Committee

  • James Malcolm, Chair
  • Michael J. Ham
  • Richard O. Jones
  • Daniel Savona
  • Randall Leverette