Mental Health Department

 The mission of the Ulster County Department of Mental Health is to ensure that all Ulster County residents with mental health challenges, struggling with substance use, or with developmental disabilities receive the services they need to achieve the best quality of life.


Ulster County Service Recovery Center Hotline: 845-443-8888

Ulster County COVID-19 Website 

 NYS has set up a COVID Mental Health Hotline, staffed by over 6,000 MH professionals, that people can access to get online or by phone therapy to cope with the stress, anxiety, isolation, etc.  1-844-863-9314

 Ulster County Mobile Mental Health: 1-844-277-4820

A new, walk-in Urgent Care Center to help those who are struggling with mental health and substance use issues is now open at 368 Broadway - Suite 205, in Kingston. The hours are from 10-6 weekdays and the Center can be reached at 888.750.2266. The registered nurse/care manager for substance use treatment can be reached at 844.277.4820

NYS Department of Health COVID Information Line: 888-364-3065

COVID-19 Mental Health/Substance Use Disorder Support Services 



Commissioner of Health & Mental Health: Dr. Carol Smith, MD, MPH (845) 340-3009
Deputy Commissioner of Mental Health: Tara McDonald, LMSW, MPA (845) 340-4110 
Deputy Director for Administration/Fiscal for Health & Mental Health: Kristin Carney, MBA (845) 340–4110 


The Ulster County Department of Mental Health (UCDMH) is designated under NYS Mental Hygiene Law as the Local Governmental Unit (LGU). The LGU has a role in overseeing publicly funded services for people with mental health, substance use disorder and developmental disabilities within Ulster County’s behavioral health system.


Assisted Outpatient Treatment (AOT) or Kendra’s Law provides for either voluntary or court-ordered treatment for adults who have a mental illness and who may have difficulty living safely in the community without supervision. AOT assists with priority assignment to treatment, case management services, and when applicable, housing services. More information can be found on the NYSOMH website. For further information contact the AOT Coordinator at (845) 340-4110.


SPOA is a New York State Office of Mental Health (OMH) initiative that facilitates timely access and linkage to care management and other supportive services for adults, youth and families. SPOA services are designed to promote recovery and are personally tailored and responsive to individual needs and preferences.

Residential Services SPOA Application (Adults)

Case Management SPOA Application (Adults & Children)

Condado de Ulster Aplicación al Punto de Acceso Único (SPOA)

Universal NYS Child SPOA Application (optional)

For more information, please call (845) 340-4110 or e-mail dmh[at]co.ulster.ny[dot]us.

Ulster County SPEAK (Suicide Prevention, Education, Awareness & Knowledge) Coalition

Ulster County SPEAK is a coalition of community partners working to educate others about the warning signs and what you can do to prevent suicide. For more info: click here.

Experiencing a mental health challenge or crisis? Help is only a phone call away.


Ulster County Mobile Mental Health  

Mobile Mental Health is operated by ACCESS: Supports for Living, between the hours of 10 AM - 10 PM. Call 1-844-277-4820. Connect with a trained counselor when stress, depression or other mental health issues create a personal crisis. Your call with a trained counselor will be kept confidential. This service is available to all Ulster County residents at NO CHARGE.

Other Crisis Resources:

Family of Woodstock 24 Hour Crisis Hotline - Call/Text: (845) 679-2485

Suicide Prevention Hotline – 1 (800) 273-TALK (8255)

Crime Victim Assistance Program (845) 340-3442


Looking for counseling?

The Ulster County Department of Mental Health no longer provides clinical services, but we’re here to help you find the right provider. Below is a list of NYS OMH licensed programs.

  •  Family Services, Inc. (845) 486-2703 (Adults)

  •  The Institute for Family Health (845) 338-2562 (Adults, Children & Adolescents)

  •  Astor Services for Children & Families (845) 340-4105

Do you need something more intensive?

  • Pine Grove Center (845) 339-4733 (Adults)

  • DSS Coordinated Children’s Services (CCS/NEXIS/MST) (845) 334-5050

  • HealthAlliance of the Hudson Valley - Partial Hospitalization (845) 334-3120 (Adults), (845) 334-3110 (Children & Adolescents)

  • Astor Services for Children & Families - Partial Hospitalization (845) 554-1365

  • Rockland Children’s Psychiatric Center

          School-Based Clinic (Port Ewen) (845) 339-8707 (May self-refer)

          School-Based Clinic & Day Treatment Center (Saugerties) (845) 246-0134

          (Must be referred by school CSE)


Looking for help with addiction?

Outpatient clinics:

  • Step One – Kingston (845) 834-7300, Highland (845) 691-9191, Ellenville (845) 647-5400

  • The Bridge Back at HealthAlliance of the Hudson Valley (845) 943-6091

Detox & inpatient:

 First Step at HealthAlliance of the Hudson Valley (845) 334-4705

Recovery support services:

  • Catholic Charities Centers of Treatment Innovation (COTI) (845) 281-8478 (A team of peers and clinicians will support you and your family regardless of where you are at in the process of recovery)

  • Ulster County Family Advocate (845) 458-7455  (Get help with navigating treatment options, guidance and support)

  • Alcoholics Anonymous (845) 331-6360 Narcotics Anonymous (845) 431-9011


Looking for other support?

Call us! (845) 340-4110

  • Mental Health Association Wellness Center (845) 339-9090

  • NAMI Mid-Hudson (845) 206-9892 NAMI NYS Helpline 1 (800) 950-3228

For more Ulster County resources, visit (A public service maintained by The Mental Health Association in Ulster County Inc. for community members to review and retrieve information about recovery-oriented programs and services.)

Not sure what you need? Please call us at (845) 340-4110. We will do our best to help.