Resolution No. 479.2 of 2016

Amending The Electric Vehicle Charging Station Policy To Exclude Personal Use By County Employees

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Resolution No. 479.1
Withdrawn by Sponsor



Referred to: The Energy and Environment Committee (Chairman R. Parete and

Legislators Bartels, Heppner, Lapp and Wawro), The Public Works and Capital

Projects Committee (Chairman Fabiano and Legislators Greene, Litts, Loughran, and

Maloney), and The Ways and Means Committee (Chairman Gerentine and

Legislators Allen, Bartels, Belfiglio, Briggs, Maio, and Maloney)

Legislator Richard A. Parete offers the following:

 WHEREAS, pursuant to Resolution No. 332 dated September 15, 2015, the

Ulster County Legislature determined that it was responsible to establish a policy

regulating the use of Ulster County electric vehicle charging stations; and

WHEREAS, at the time the “Ulster County Electric Vehicle Charging Station

Policy” was adopted, the promotion of tourism was a main justification to offer the

electric free of charge; and

WHEREAS, pursuant to Resolution No. 446 dated December 15, 2015 the

Ulster County Legislature determined that it was reasonable and appropriate to

charge a fee-for-service for use of the charging stations; and

WHEREAS, in the County Executive’s Veto Message of Resolution No. 446,

the use of the electric charging stations was referred to repeatedly as a benefit for

public purposes; and

WHEREAS, this free benefit is being taken advantage of by some County

employees, creating an unlevel playing field for the benefits being afforded to all

members of the workforce; and

WHEREAS, Ulster County strives to provide a fair and equitable working

environment for all employees; and

WHEREAS, further modification of the Electric Vehicle Charging Policy is

required to correct this loophole and more accurately reflect use for the intended

purposes of tourism promotion and public benefit; now, therefore, be it

RESOLVED, that the Ulster County Legislature hereby amends the “Ulster

County Electric Vehicle Charging Station Policy” to exclude use by County

employees for personal benefit, as attached hereto as Exhibit A,

and moves its adoption. 




Defeated in Committee: Public Works and Capital Projects on December 8, 2016

Passed Committee: Energy and Environment on _______________.

Passed Committee: Ways and Means on _____________.

Petition to Discharge successfully executed.



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Updated: January 31, 2019

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