Resolution No. 115

Authorizing The Chair Of The Ulster County Legislature To Execute An Intermunicipal Agreement With The Town Of Lloyd For Maintenance And Repair Of The Hudson Valley Rail Trail - Phase 4 – Department Of Planning

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Referred to:  The Economic Development, Tourism, Housing, Planning and Transit Committee (Chairman Hector S. Rodriguez and Legislators Archer, Delaune, Maio, James Maloney, Joseph Maloney, and Woltman), and The Ways and Means Committee (Chairwoman Archer and Legislators Gerentine, Maio, James Maloney, Joseph Maloney, Petit, and Rodriguez)


Chairman of the Economic Development, Tourism, Housing, Planning, and Transit Committee, Hector S. Rodriguez, and Deputy Chair Brian Woltman offer the following:


WHEREAS, Ulster County (the “County”) has completed the construction of the Hudson Valley Rail Trail - Phase 4 between South Street and New Paltz Road in the Town of Lloyd (the “Project”); and


WHEREAS, the County and the Town of Lloyd (the “Town”) desire to enter into an intermunicipal agreement for maintenance and repair of the Project, which will provide for the Town to maintain and operate the Project as part of the Town’s Hudson Valley Rail Trail facility; now, therefore, be it 


RESOLVED, that the Chairwoman of the Ulster County Legislature is hereby authorized to execute an intermunicipal agreement and any related amendments with the Town in the form as filed with the Clerk of the Legislature or as modified with the approval of the County Attorney,


and move its adoption.




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Passed Committee: Economic Development, Tourism, Housing, Planning and Transit on ______________.



Passed Committee: Ways and Means on ______________.





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Updated: March 1, 2019

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