Posted March 23, 2011

Kingston, NY- Ulster County Executive Mike Hein issued his first veto today. On March 15, 2011, the Ulster County Legislature unanimously passed Resolution No. 75 entitled, “Authorize the Chairman of the Ulster County Legislature to Create an Ulster County Charter Revision Commission”. Unfortunately, the resolution was legally flawed and after consultation with the County Attorney, County Executive Hein had no choice but to issue this veto. “As County Executive, one of my sworn duties to protect the integrity of the Ulster County Charter,” said Ulster County Executive Mike Hein. “Resolution No. 75 contains legal flaws and I have no choice but to issue a veto. I look forward to working with the Legislature on the appropriate implementation of a Charter Review Commission as prescribed by the Charter.” Majority Leader Paul J. Hansut said, “I have spoken with the County Executive and many of my Legislative Colleagues and I don’t see any disagreement over this veto. Both Minority Leader Provenzano and I will move forward with our appointments to the Charter Review Commission as established in the Ulster County Charter.” Minority Leader Jeanette M. Provenzano said, “Understanding that this is veto is of a legal nature, recommended by the County Attorney, I don’t have any problem with it. It does not change the original intent of the Majority Leader and Minority Leader to move forward with our appointments to the Charter Review Commission.” According to County Attorney Beatrice Havranek, “While it may have been unintentional, the resolution, as written, could erode the authority of the Ulster County Charter. Specifically, the resolution in the final “RESOLVED” references only a portion of the Ulster County Charter as it relates to the Ulster County Charter Revision Commission. The County Executive commented, “Unfortunately, the legal flaw ignores the power vested in the Charter Review Commission to go directly to the voters for their approval of proposals, amendments and revisions to the Charter.” He added, “It is important that we prepare for the work of the Charter Review Commission. As such, I have directed the County Attorney to work with legislative counsel and the Budget Director to advise the Ways and Means Committee as they prepare a budget resolution that will enable the Charter Review Commission to begin its work.”