Posted June 22, 2010


The new satellite information center will showcase tourism properties, local businesses and destinations and help constituents better navigate county government.

Kingston, NY -- Ulster County Executive Mike Hein announces a satellite tourism information center in the lobby of the County Office Building, 244 Fair Street, Kingston. Beginning Tuesday, June 22, 2010, Ulster County Tourism Information personnel will be present daily from 10 AM to 1 PM. During regular business hours when the room is not staffed, the information center will remain open for the public to peruse on their own.

"Ulster County is an amazing place with limitless things to do," said County Executive Hein. "The purpose behind this project was to make tourism information more available to the public at large. Several hundred residents and visitors a day pass through the lobby of the Ulster County Office Building, and this newly staffed location will allow them immediate access to our tourism professionals as well as the numerous brochures of local tourism businesses. By repurposing and reusing material we were able to create an information outpost at no extra cost to the taxpayers. This new initiative will ensure that we are promoting our tourism business right here in Ulster County, urging people to enjoy our wonderful natural resources, visit our historic and cultural sites. In addition we have created a kiosk so people can better access county government further improving transparency and participation."


Promoting Tourism

The newly re-designed space includes a workstation, a flat-screen television, acquired at no cost to the county, featuring tourist locations from throughout the county and colorful banners highlighting the myriad of things there are to do in Ulster County. A glass display case highlights local businesses and destinations on a rotating basis. A new, electronic kiosk has been added outside the main lobby to allow the public to browse tourism listings on the tourism website,  

Increasing Access to Government

The electronic kiosk will also allow constituents instant access to the county’s website,, where they can search for information on county agencies and services. This duel purpose resource will give residents improved access to information on what is available through their county government.

The entire project has been accomplished for approximately $1,500. Ulster County’s Department of Buildings and Grounds built the workspace, the flat screen television was returned to taxpayer use through a fraud and waste investigation and the display banners are those currently used by Ulster County Tourism at travel and trade shows.

Tourism is a $474 million business and the No. 1 industry in Ulster County. Ulster County’s tourism industry’s labor income generates more than $233 million dollars a year which translates into more than 8000 jobs.