County Executive Mike Hein Warns Ulster County Residents of Extreme Cold and Urges Precautions Be Taken

Posted December 31, 2013

Kingston, NY – County Executive Mike Hein cautions Ulster County residents to be prepared in the upcoming days for major weather events which may include extreme cold as well as a potential snowstorm. The severe cold weather will be upon us beginning this evening and lasting until Saturday (perhaps Sunday), with Friday being the coldest.  In addition, there is the anticipation of a possible snowstorm which the National Weather Service is terming "sizeable" and "plowable."  Although snow accumulation may be sizable, with the very cold temperatures the snow is expected to be light weight and winds are not going to be a factor.

“During this time it is critically important to check on the elderly, neighbors and anyone who may be in need,” said County Executive Hein.  “These very low temperatures can lead to frozen pipes and water mains, and unfortunately a spike in fires and carbon monoxide incidents.  We urge everyone to please be sure to use auxiliary heating equipment safely, and ensure your smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors have fresh batteries,” continued Executive Hein.   “If you must go outdoors, dress in layers, carefully covering all exposed skin, and limit unusual exertion (like shoveling snow).  If you must travel, ensure you have an emergency kit in your car.”

In addition, the County Executive also wants to remind Ulster County residents of some of the hazards associated with extreme cold and provide some recommended advice as follows:  

•        Avoid overexertion because cold weather can put an increased strain on the heart;

•        Use caution with auxiliary heat sources as the incidence of fires and carbon monoxide poisoning calls to 9-1-1 rise during periods of very cold weather;

•        Insulate the pipes in your home and, if necessary run a trickle of water through a faucet, in order to prevent pipes freezing quickly; and

•        If you are stranded in a vehicle during blowing snow conditions, stay inside of the vehicle unless assistance is clearly visible.