Posted November 12, 2009


County Executive Calls Upon State Legislature to Follow Suit


Kingston, NY (November 12, 2009) - An independent evaluation of the Ulster County Executive’s budget for 2010 has concluded that the budget is balanced, reasonable and makes many tough decisions. In turn, Ulster County Executive Mike Hein has called upon the New York State elected officials to address the State budget gap in much the same way; without gimmicks that simply shift the burden to local taxpayers. He said, “It is important for all elected officials to recognize that we serve the same taxpayers and difficult choices, such as the ones reflected in Ulster County’s budget, are needed at the State level.”

The firm of Bennett, Kielson, Storch, DeSantis delivered their report, on the County Executive’s budget, to the legislature at their meeting on Tuesday of this week. County Budget Director Art Smith said, “The independent evaluation confirms the strong and honest leadership the County Executive is providing during these very difficult times. No gimmicks were used in preparing the budget and tough decisions were made. The County Executive set a priority for us to minimize the tax burden on residents and families who are already struggling to make ends meet. The nearly $6 million in cost cuts implemented by the County Executive this year allowed us to do just that.”