Posted February 7, 2012

U.S. Dept. of Housing and Urban Development awards Ulster County $1,069,769 to distribute to homeless housing programs and services

Kingston, NY – County Executive Mike Hein announced that the Continuum of Care (COC), which operates under the Ulster County Housing Consortium has received notice that Ulster County was awarded $1,069,769 for renewal homeless housing and services under the HUD Continuum of Care competitive award. This is the first time renewal projects have taken Ulster County over the $1 million mark. County Executive Hein said, “This funding represents a vital component of our efforts to combat homelessness in Ulster County. The programs receiving this funding have shown outstanding concern for our homeless citizens. As a result of the Continuum of Care awards these programs will continue to provide services and care for this vulnerable population and strive to ultimately end homelessness in Ulster County.” “This grant is critical to our ability to respond to needy individuals and families,” said Family of Woodstock Executive Director Michael Berg. “Over the years, the amount we receive from HUD has steadily increased but this is the first time that Ulster County has received over $1 million in subsidies. While these funds will help us to support many people, the real solution is affordable rental units for families and entry level employees.” U.S. Housing and Urban Development’ (HUD) Continuum of Care grants provide permanent and transitional housing to homeless persons as well as services including job training, health care, mental health counseling, substance abuse treatment and child care. Continuum of Care grants are awarded competitively to local programs to meet the needs of their homeless clients. These grants fund a wide variety of programs from street outreach and assessment programs to transitional and permanent housing for homeless persons and families. The funding rewards the best collaborative efforts of the public and non-profit sectors to supply needed housing and support services to homeless individuals that are traditionally hard to reach. Providing services in this manner greatly reduces costs that would otherwise be incurred for other services that this population normally cycles through including hospitals and institutions. These programs are also designed to reduce dependency in the long term. Award Recipient Amount HUD Supportive Housing Program $58,209 Gateway Stuyvesant Supported Apartments 91,069 Gateway Women and Children Permanent Housing 41,307 Family of Woodstock Midway I and II 91,667 Ulster County CoC HMIS 70,350 Family of Woodstock Family Shelter Program 69,530 Family of Woodstock, SRO Shelter + Care Program 309,456 Multi County Community Development Corp Shelter + Care 158,736 Family of Woodstock Family Shelter + Care Program 179,472 Total Amount: $1,069,796