Route 9W Corridor Management Plan

Final Draft Corridor Management Plan

Draft Lane Reconfiguration Scenarios

Technical Advisory Committee and Meeting Minutes

Presentation from the June 8th Public Meeting

Overview of Study Area

The Ulster County Transportation Council (UCTC), in conjunction with the Towns of Marlborough and Lloyd and NYS Department of Transportation, is developing a corridor management plan for the Route 9W corridor. The Route 9W Corridor Management Plan (CMP) will assess existing transportation conditions, analyze available crash data, and complete safety assessments to identify short- and long-range recommendations to improve vehicular and non-vehicular access, safety and mobility along the NYS Route 9W corridor. It will also evaluate the impacts of development proposals and local land use laws on future access, operations and safety, and in turn, provide ways to mitigate these impacts.

This CMP will build upon previous UCTC and other relevant studies, including the Marlboro Hamlet Area Transportation Plan (2008); Ulster County Non-Motorized Transportation Plan (2008); and Marlborough Safe Routes to School Action Plan (2016). In addition, the CMP shall be coordinated with the update of the Town of Marlborough comprehensive plan which is ongoing, with preliminary recommendations anticipated for delivery in the spring of 2017. NYS Route 9W in the study area consists of both two and four lane sections. Of particular concern is the speed differential and access issues created in the four lane sections and whether such a lane configuration is warranted.

The CMP will include an assessment of current traffic and safety conditions, estimates of future growth, and suggested changes to roadway characteristics, intersection configurations, roadway access, roadway striping and control devices, safety and traffic flow improvements, as well as pedestrian, bicycle and transit improvements. Along with relevant data sources, the CMP will utilize local land use plans and zoning and subdivision laws to ascertain the intensity and design of future land use development for the area and prepare a set of transportation recommendations that are in accordance with those data. The anticipated outcome of the study is the development of transportation strategies that are affordable, accepted by the community, in accordance with local plans and regulations, and serve the needs of all users.

Contact Brian C. Slack, Principal Transportation Planner at UCTC for more information bsla[at]co.ulster.ny[dot]us (845) 334-5590