Administrative Staff

Captain Vincent V. Altieri

Captain Altieri joined the Sheriff's Office's Corrections Division in 1985 and was assigned to the Criminal Division in 1987. As a deputy, he served on the Sheriff's Anti-Crime and Narcotics units. As sergeant, he supervised Sheriff's Security personnel in the courts and other County buildings. During his career, Captain Altieri trained in a variety of types of investigation and supervision and is a General Topics instructor. He most recently held the rank of Lieutenant.

Chief Civil Officer John McGovern

John M. McGovern was appointed Chief Civil Officer in 2013 and is responsible for the operation of the Civil Division and Pistol Permit Unit. As such, he oversees the service of legal process, income and property executions, execution of warrants of eviction, seizures, civil arrest warrants and issuance of pistol licenses. He is a 1993 graduate of New York University School of Law with over 22 years’ experience in property management and landlord/tenant litigation, a former Assistant District Attorney and a certified General Topics Police Instructor. Mr. McGovern has completed a 70 hour comprehensive course in civil procedure at the New York State Sheriff's Association Institute as well as 105 Hours of Police Supervision training with the Ulster County Law Enforcement Training Group.