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This section is our frequently asked questions section. If you have an additional question that is not covered here, feel free to ask us by filling out the form.

Questions related to the Ulster County Jail

Is John/Jane Doe in your facility, if so what is his/her bail?

It can be done electronically: or call: 866-345-1884. You will need the Inmates ID# (get from the desk officer if you do not know it)

How can I reach John/Jane Doe in your facility?

Inmates in our facility may not receive incoming calls or messages. You may send the inmate a letter if he or she has not called you:

Inmates Name
c/o Ulster County Jail
380 Boulevard
Kingston, NY 12401

How can I put money on his/her account / pay bail?

Money can be transferred by three methods:

  1. Can be done electronically: or call: 866-345-1884. You will need the Inmates ID# (get from the desk officer if you do not know it)
  2. Kiosk at the facility (Reception)
  3. Certified money order in the Inmate's Name

How can I get him/her bail?

Bail can obtained by two methods:

  1. or call: 866-232-1899
  2. Bail Bondsman of your choice W

When can I visit? 

Click to see dates and times for areas of the jail. You will need to know the Letter of the Housing Unit (i.e. A-Pod) 

If you are not in the lobby by those times you will not be entitled to visit for that time period.

Rules and Regulations for Visitors (what identification and items are permissible to bring into the jail:

  • Please bring a photo ID and a Birth Certificate for children
  • Wear appropriate clothing. (No revealing attire)
  • No packages or deliveries allowed.
  • Two visitors allowed per inmate.
  • Each inmate is allowed two 1-hour visits per week.

How do I obtain a release letter for health insurance or Social Security verification purposes?

1)Send a written request for a jail release letter indicating a) your full name b) date of birth and c) your contact phone number.

Send this letter to:
Ulster County Jail
380 Boulevard
Kingston, New York 12401
Attention: Records Department

Or you can fax to: 845-340- 3468

2)The letter is to state the following:

I am in need of a letter indicating my latest incarceration dates in order for me to obtain
_____________________________(indicate reason for request).

Please forward this response to the following:
Fax #: ____________________________
Address: ___________________________

3) If you want the letter sent to someone other than yourself, please indicate who it is going to and their fax number or address.

Questions related to the Civil Division

How do I file an Extreme Risk Protection Order (ERPO)?


OR complete the form below:

Extreme Risk Protection Orders (ERPO) keep guns away from people who are at a high risk of using them to hurt other people or themselves. It can order someone to:

  • Not have (possess) a firearm, rifle or shotgun
  • Not buy a firearm, rifle or shotgun
  • Not attempt to have or buy a firearm, rifle or shotgun
  • Give up any firearms, rifles or shotguns

An ERPO can be ordered by a Judge very quickly.

How do I obtain a pistol permit?

Pick up an application at the Ulster County Sheriff’s Office at 380 Boulevard, Kingston, NY 12401. The application costs $5, and payment is via cash or a personal check made out to “County of Ulster.” To receive the application in the mail, please mail a request to the attention of the Pistol Permit Unit at the above address and include a check for $6.57 to cover the application fee and postage. Bring the completed application in person to the Pistol Permit office between the hours of 8:30 a.m. and 3 p.m., weekdays.

How do I submit a FOIL request?

Please complete the Sheriff’s Office FOIL request form and mail, fax or deliver to the Sheriff’s Office.  Address it to the attention of either the Records Access Officer, Criminal Division or Records Access Officer, Corrections Division (whichever applies), Ulster County Sheriff’s Office, 380 Boulevard, Kingston, NY 12401. 

To fax to Records, Criminal Division: 845-334-8125 

To fax to Records, Corrections: 845-340-3468 

Questions related to the Criminal Division

What is the purpose of the False Alarm Reduction Act and how does it affect property owners in Ulster County?

Under this law, it is a violation for anyone to cause an alarm system to operate which results in a call to the Ulster County Sheriff, police officers, and other first responders, such as fire fighters or emergency responders, without a permit issued by the Ulster County Sheriff. A separate permit is needed for each alarm system. The law prohibits false alarms and establishes civil penalties for false alarms by permit holders and stiffer fines for those without a permit. This law, Local Law No. 13, was enacted by the Ulster County Legislature to reduce the drain caused by false alarms on the Sheriff's Office, police agencies and other first responders and to prevent the diversion of manpower and resources away from people who may actually be in peril and need assistance. Local Law No. 13 can be viewed here.

What towns are exempt from needing this permit?

Excepted are property owners in municipalities that have enacted their own municipal false alarm laws. These include the City of Kingston and the Towns of Saugerties, Woodstock, and Esopus, Marlborough, New Paltz, and Shandaken.