Ulster County Emergency Response Team (U.C.E.R.T.)

The Ulster County Emergency Response Team was formed in 2009. The mission of the Team is to achieve maximum coordination and cooperation, through utilizing the combined resources of the Agencies who have members assigned to the team, to support the various municipalities within the County of Ulster with a rapid tactical response to critical incidents. Critical incidents such as:

  • Hostage Situations - the holding of any person(s) against their will by an armed suspect.
  • Barricaged Situation - the standoff created by an armed suspect in any location who is refusing to comply with police demands or surrender.
  • Sniper Situations - the firing upon citizens or police by an armed suspect, whether stationary or mobile.
  • High-Risk Apprehensions - the arrest or apprehension of armed suspect where the likehood of armed resistance is high.
  • High-Risk Warrant Searches - the service of search warrants where there is a high risk of armed confrontation.
  • Personal Protection - the security of special persons, such as V.I.P.s, witnesses, or suspects, based on the threat to the well being of those persons.

The following Police agencies have members assigned to UCERT:  Sheriff's Office, New Paltz PD, SUNY New Paltz PD, Plattekill PD, Saugerties PD, and Woodstock PD.