Automatic Vehicle Locator System

The Sheriff’s Mobile Data Computer system design also includes innovative, cutting-edge vehicle tracking technology called Automatic Vehicle Locator, often referred to as “AVL”. The patrol unit computer modem connected to the laptops contains a GPS module which calculates the patrol car’s exact location and speed using Global Positioning Satellites (GPS). The modem transfers the calculation to a large color map in the Sheriff’s Communications room. This innovative technology enhances the safety of deputies in the field, and provides a tool for the dispatcher to quickly determine the nearest available Sheriff’s unit to a call for service. In addition, each patrol unit computer allows deputies in the field to see one other's pinpointed location. Sheriff's supervisors are also using the system for patrol unit activities and supervision. Supervisors using the system can monitor patrol routines and patrol zone assignments. During a high-risk situation, supervisors can strategically move patrol units to critical areas based on map readings. Reports are also available to the supervisor, which indicate locations, idle and active times and speeds of the units.