In Car Video System

IN Car Video SystemThe system deployed consists of a small video camera, wireless microphone and ceiling mounted control console. A VCR recorder is locked in a crash resistant stainless steel vault mounted in the trunk. The system is capable of automatically zooming in on a stopped vehicle registration plate, as the deputy exits the car, then returning to a wide-angle view after a few seconds. Goals in using such a system include documenting incident activity (e.g., DWI Field Sobriety Tests), increasing successful prosecution, increasing the safety of the officer, refuting frivolous complaints, recording a suspect’s behavior and description, and recording and tracking the initial violation and reason for a traffic stop.

Law enforcement agencies across the nation employ mobile video in a variety of ways to strengthen prosecution by introducing video evidence, reduce officers’ time in court, increase productivity and realize financial savings, protect police officers against claims of police misconduct resulting in a reduction in liability, investigate crimes (e.g., felony stops, pursuits), train officers using recordings, record officers’ thoughts and observations, and ensure and prove police procedures were followed during confessions and interrogations.