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Presentations, Technical Assistance, Screenings, Referrals 

Jackie Arsenuk
Safe Harbour Coordinator
Ph: (845)-340-3927
Email: Ulster.SafeHarbour[at]gmail[dot]com 

Safe Harbour offers educational presentations on Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children (CSEC) and Child Trafficking, advice for engaging youth in conversations about trafficking, screening youth for trafficking, and assistance navigating the NYS Confirmation Process. All questions are welcome! 


This training for professionals and community members touches upon definitions of both sex and labor trafficking with a specific focus on Safe Harbour law and is intended to broaden perspectives of what commercial sexual exploitation and trafficking can look like among youth. High risk populations are discussed in addition to the red flags associated with trafficking, trauma-informed care, and how to engage youth in conversations about trafficking. Presentations are tailored to specific audiences and we are open to requests to cover additional topics. 

Case Management/Outreach and Prevention Education

A Family's Guide to Safe Harbour Services 

A Family's Guide to Safe Harbour Services (Spanish version)

Click here to refer a youth to Safe Harbour’s Case Management program.  

Sophia Ender
Prevention Educator/Case Manager
Office: 845-334-5165
Email: UlsterSHPrevention[at]gmail[dot]com 

Case Management

Support for Youth

The Safe Harbour Case Management Program is trauma-informed, strength based, voluntary service and is offered to young people up until the age of 24. Our goals are to empower youth through safety planning and introducing supportive resources as a strategy to reduce vulnerability and risky behavior. Safety planning for empowerment includes education and outreach around social, physical, emotional, mental, financial, cyber and sexual safety including a clear understanding of the definition of consent. One-on-one mentoring services include working side by side with youth and acknowledging their voice, enthusiasm, and abilities while allowing them to define their own service plan and strive towards leading authentic, meaningful, and positive lives.  As a voluntary service, youth may enter into and leave services at any time without judgment. 

Support for Families

As adults, we need to acknowledge that youth are exploring their identity, interests, and relationships. As a result, their definition of safety may be different than our own which can sometimes lead to risky decision and behaviors.  Safe Harbour acknowledges and speaks to those differences while encouraging youth to trust their instincts and seek family, peer and community support. Working alongside parents, guardians, and/or Caseworkers, Safe Harbour strives to assist with understanding and practicing risk tolerance and safety planning as a strategy for risk reduction. 

Additionally, we provide you with support in assisting youth with:

  • Developing a greater sense of self
  • Coping with Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACES) 
  • Building and strengthening resiliency 
  • Developing or maintaining positive, healthy, and long lasting relationships 
  • Pursuing post-secondary educational and career opportunities 
  • Becoming engaged citizens

Outreach/Prevention Education

The following workshops may be tailored upon request: 

BUILDING SKILLS FOR HEALTHY RELATIONSHIPS - The art of intimacy involves developing insight, mutuality, emotional regulation, and consent. Youth will gain a better sense of their values and self-worth as well as understand the quality of friendships and partners they deserve when developing relationships.  

SAFETY PLANNING/HARM REDUCTION - Youth will learn to face difficult life circumstances with courage and skill by tapping into their safety skill set and becoming familiar with local resources to increase their emotional, physical, mental, and financial safety in challenging situations. Safe Harbour will work alongside youth to support them in harm reduction and safety planning as a strategy for risk reduction and will support them as they navigate normative experiences.  

ONLINE SAFETY PLEDGE - Nearly 43% of kids have been bullied online. 1 in 4 has experienced it more than once. This workshop gives youth the opportunity to make a public commitment to protect themselves and their classmates online. They will learn and understand the definition of cyber bullying, common characteristics associated with it, and the laws that exist to protect youth from this behavior.  

YOU’VE SHARED PHOTOS…NOW WHAT?? - It happens. Living in a highly sexualized culture shapes our desires and decisions. Youth will learn how to protect themselves and others by understanding the laws associated with sexting and the appropriate procedures around reporting and/or deleting unwanted photos or messages.

SAFE HARBOUR ARTREACH - INSPIRING COMMUNITY ACTION - This workshop is an opportunity for youth to communicate the implications of human trafficking and exploitation through a step-by-step, art/writing based project and help raise awareness by displaying their personal pieces of art work throughout Ulster County. Displaying projects is optional. 


Organizations focused on prevention that provide valuable resources, videos and internet safety guides.

 Please also see our "Resources" tab for additional information.


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