Acronym FAQ

Acronym Explanation and Links
ADA Americans with Disabilities Act
AADT Annual Average Daily traffic
AVL Automatic Vehicle Locator
CAA Clean Air Act (link to EPA's "Plain English Guide")
CAAA Clean Air Act Amendments of 1990
CBD Central Business District
CMAQ Congestion Mitigation and Air Quality funds
CMS Congestion Management System
CNST Construction (phase of a project)
NYSDOT New York State Department of transportation
E+C Existing plus committed network (used in modeling)
EA Environmental Assessment
EIS Environmental Impact Statement
ENG Engineering (phase of a project)
EPA Environmental Protection Agency
FAA Federal Aviation Administration
FAU Federal-Aid Urban
FHWA Federal Highway Administration
FRA Federal Railroad Administration
FTA Federal transit Administration
FY Fiscal Year (Federal, runs from October to September)
GIS Geographic Information Systems
HOV High Occupancy Vehicle
HPMS Highway Performance Monitoring System
IM Interstate Maintenance funds
ISTEA Intermodal Surface transportation Efficiency Act of 1991
ITS Intelligent transportation Systems
IVHS Intelligent Vehicle and Highway Systems (former term for ITS)
LOS Level of Service -- performance measure


Long Range transportation Plan


Moving Ahead for Progress in the 21st Century
MPO Metropolitan Planning Organization
MTA Metro Transit Authority
NEPA National Environmental Policy Act
NHS National Highway System funds
PE Preliminary Engineering (phase of a project)
ROW Right-of-Way (phase of a project)
SR State Route
STA State gas tax funds
STP Surface Transportation Program funds
TAZ Traffic Analysis Zone (used in modeling)
tdM Transportation Demand Management (also called Transportation Control Measures, or TCMs)
TEA-21  The Transportation Equity Act for the 21st Century
TIP Transportation Improvement Program
TMA Transportation Management Area
TSM Transportation System Management
UPWP Unified Planning Work Program
US DOT United States Department of Transportation
V/C Volume to Capacity ratio -- measures roadway congestion
VMT Vehicle Miles traveled
VOC Volatile Organic Compounds (air pollutants)