Long Range Transportation Plan (LRTP)

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Final Year 2045 Long Range Transportation Plan

The Ulster County Transportation Council's (UCTC) Long Range Transportaion Plan (LRTP) (or Metropolitain Transportation Plan (MTP)) looks twenty years into the future and sets a framework to promote the safe and efficient development, management, and operation of surface transportation systems. The plan is updated at no less than five-year intervals and covers the UCTC's Metropolitain Planning Area. This long look forward is particularly valuable as transportation facilities can take a long time to move from idea to plan to design to construction.  The plan guides the priorities and decision making processes relating to the transportation system.

Current Efforts

In Spring 2020, UCTC initiated its regular 5 year update of the Long Range Transportation Plan.  The Year 2045 LRTP update process includes a reevaluation of the current status of the transportation system in Ulster County, identification of future needs and strategies, an outline of financing options, and gathering and evaluating input from the public on a variety of transportation-related subjects. Programming transportation improvements is one of the UCTC’s most important functions. UCTC will prioritize projects identified in the LRTP for placement in the five-year Transportation Improvement Program.

Area stakeholders and members of the public are encouraged to participate in the plan update to ensure that the prorities identified in the plan align with the community needs and help target investments.  

Follow the Links Below to Watch a Recording of the Virtual Public Meetings Held in August:


Past Efforts

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