Year 2040 Long Range Transportation Plan (LRTP)

Kingston Rhinecliff Bridge

Rethinking Transportation: Year 2040 Long Range Transportation Plan (LRTP) is the most recent update of the Ulster County Transportation Council's LRTP.  Completed in September 2015, the process entails a comprehensive evaluation of transportation needs across most modes of travel and includes an extensive public outreach effort. The study effort involved an update to the current status of the transportation system in Ulster County, identified future needs and strategies, an outline of financing options and incorporating the desires of the public. Programming transportation improvements is one of the UCTC’s most important functions. UCTC will prioritize projects identified in the 2040 Long Range Transportation Plan for placement in the five-year Transportation Improvement Program.

Year 2040 Vision Statement:

In the year 2040, Ulster County’s transportation system is capable of affordably supporting its vibrant communities, which are attractive to businesses and to people of all ages and stages of life.  The transportation system provides appropriate links to the region and beyond, and is viewed by all as an economic and environmental asset and a major contributor to quality of life. Communities are supported by a transportation system that provides safe access by all modes of travel. There is a robust economy, with diverse businesses whose need for efficient freight and personal transportation service is routinely met.


UCTC Year 2040 LRTP Documents

Rethinking Transportation: UCTC Year 2040 Long Range Transportation Plan (approved September 29, 2015)


Executive Summary