Nina Postupack, County Clerk

Recognizance for Solomon Gidney, 1828


Recognisance. Sold by J.B. Jansen

State of New York,
Ulster County, SS.
Be it remembered, that on the 21st day of February in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and twenty eight Solomon Gidney of the Town of New Paltz Ulster County personally came before me, John Chipp one of the Justices assigned to keep the Peace in and for said County, and acknowledged himself to owe the People of the State of New-York, to wit, the said Solomon Gidney the sum of Five hundred dollars, to be respectively made and levied of his several goods and chattels, lands and tenements, to the use of the said people.
Now the condition of the foregoing Recognisance is such, That if the above bounden Solomon Gidney shall personally appear at the next Court of Oyer and Terminer and General Jail delivery, to be holden in and for the said county, to answer what will then and there be objected against him by the District Attorney on behalf of the said people, and shall, in the mean time, keep the peace towards him and other liege people, then this recognizance to be void, else to remain in full force and virtue.

Acknowledged before me, the day
and year first above written.

Solomon Gidney

John Chipp

Note: As Clerk of the Courts, the Ulster County Clerk's Office houses hundreds of cubic feet of court records. Being one of the original counties, there are records of each and every court in the history of the State under the care and control of the Ulster County Clerk.
This one may be of particular interest because it concerns a Solomon Gidney. It was Solomon Gidney who sold Isabella Baumfree's (Sojourner Truth's) son Peter into slavery in Alabama. Might this document be associated with her famous victory in the Ulster County Courthouse?

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