Current Employment Opportunities

This page was last updated on June 14, 2019

**The "Fill Date" is the earliest date a position may be filled per Collective Bargaining Agreements.  

Positions listed below after the Fill Date remain vacant and applications may still be accepted.




Inventory & Property Control Specialist Public Works 7/8/2019
Registered Professional Nurse Social Services 7/8/2019
Accountant Social Services 7/8/2019
Assistant County Executive County Executive  
Deputy County Executive County Executive  
Director, Information Services Information Services  
County Attorney County Attorney  
Deputy Budget Director Finance  
Emergency Services Dispatcher Trainee Emergency Communications/Management 6/28/2019
Registered Nurse (Health Depertment) Health Department 6/28/20019
Account Clerk Social Services 6/28/2019
Summer Laborers Public Works Blanket -- Fill as Needed
Summer Rail Trail Laborers Public Works Blanket -- Fill as Needed
Social Welfare Examiner Trainee Social Services 6/24/2019
Building Maintenance Specialist Public Works 6/24/2019
Electrical Construction & Maintenance Supervisor Public Works 6/24/2019
Caseworker Trainee Social Services 6/24/2019
Senior Social Welfare Examiner Social Services 6/24/2019
Alternative Sentencing Crew Supervisor Probation 6/24/2019
Public Health Nurse Health 6/24/2019
Emergency Services Dispatcher Trainee Emergency Communications/Management 6/24/2019
Motor Vehicle Cashier County Clerk 6/20/2019
Automotive Mechanic II  UCAT 6/20/2019
Public Health Engineer Health 6/17/2019
Motor Equipment Operator Public Works 6/17/2019
Building Trades Worker Public Works 6/17/2019
Motor Equipmant Operator Public Works 6/17/2019
Environmental Resource Technician Environment 6/17/2019
Web Designer/Analyst Information Services  
Public Defender Investigator Public Defender  
District Attorney Investigator District Attorney  

HOW TO APPLY:  Interested applicants must complete an Ulster County Employment/Examination Application, which can be downloaded from this site.  The completed application should be mailed directly to the department where the vacancy exists.  The Ulster County Personnel Department will not accept applications for these vacancies at this time. 

PLEASE NOTE:  If an examination eligible list currently exists for any of the above listed positions, please note that by law, the eligible list must be used when hiring an individual for this position.  

Please bookmark this page.  We update the information when a new vacancy is posted.

Ulster County is an Affirmative Action / Equal Opportunity Employer

All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to age, race, color, religion, gender, creed, national origin, physical or mental disability, marital status, veteran status, disabled veteran status, or status as a member of any other protected group or activity.