Board of Supervisors Minutes

Sample Documents from the Collection:

January 7, 1703

Around the turn of the eighteenth century, control over tax apportionment and collection for “county charges” was taken from the Sheriff and the Justices of the Peace and vested in elected representatives or supervisors from each township. That shift of authority is documented in these first minutes of the Supervisors.  In this document the word “Supervisors” appears in the heading for the first time.

February 10, 1711

Colonel Beekman was denied the reimbursement of money he expended for wine to entertain the Governor on a visit to Kingston 1710.  General Robert Hunter was colonial governor of New York and New Jersey from 1710 to 1720.

January 31, 1715

Arien Gerritson paid for 3 loads of wood for the “bonfire” – probably part of the annual observance of Guy Fawkes Day – November 5.   Guy Fawkes plotted to blow up the Parliament buildings of London England November 5, 1605.  The “Gunpowder Plot” was foiled.  The event is still celebrated in English communities with bonfires and Guy Fawkes effigies.

February 15, 1727

The Manor of Foxhall was a 330 acre tract granted to Thomas Chambers, commonly understood as Kingston’s first settler.  He had the only manor in Ulster County.  Thomas Chambers died childless in 1694 and left the manor to his stepson, Abraham Van Gaasbeek, later Abraham Gaasbeek Chambers

January 14, 1729

Thomas Beekman was paid for providing a chest to keep the county’s records.  Is this the same wooden chest referred to in the 1939 WPA Index – a locked wooden chest in the County Clerk’s vault #1?

May 29, 1793

Highway and Road Commissioners, Assessors, Congressional and Assembly Election Inspectors and many other positions and their salaries are showing in these minutes.  Here it shows that election inspectors were paid 1 pound 10 schillings for five days work.

May 29, 1793

General Charges for New Windsor, a Township no longer in Ulster County.  Listed in this same session of the Supervisors Meetings were general charges for Colchester, Middletown, Stanford, Wallkill, Newburgh and Montgomery.

June 1, 1793

Christopher Tappen, long-time Deputy County Clerk and County Clerk from 1812-1821 was apparently also Treasurer.  Here he is ordered to return all the records he managed as Treasurer to the Board of Supervisors. 

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