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Land records

recorded in the Ulster County Clerk's Office include deeds, mortgages, assignments, powers of attorney, satisfaction of mortgages as well as many other document types. These records are available from 1685 to present. All recorded documents have a book and page number assigned to them. When requesting copies of instruments please make reference to the parties involved and, if known, the book and page and/or filing number. The following procedure can be followed to obtain copies:
  • You may write to the Ulster County Clerk's Office, 244 Fair Street, Kingston, New York 12401. Please make reference to the property owner, filing date, type of document you are requesting and book and page number if known.
  • The fee is 65 cents per page and the fee is required at the time the request is mailed in. If a search of the records is necessary the fee is $5.00 for every two years searched. If the document needs to be certified there is an additional fee of $1.25 per page (min.$5.00). We accept check or money order.
  • Copies will be mailed back to you at the address indicated on the request.

Telephone requests are accepted for recording information for land records from 1984 to present.

Subdivision Maps

GENERAL TAXES: (i.e. County, Town, Highway) are collected from the local tax collector January 1st through June 1st for the current year only. After June 1st taxes are payable at the Ulster County Treasurer's Office.

KINGSTON CONSOLIDATED SCHOOLS: fiscal year runs from July 1st through June 30th. Taxes are payable to the school from September 15th to December 15th, then unpaid taxes are due to the Ulster County Treasurer's Office.

There are fourteen other school districts in Ulster County (fiscal year runs from July 1st through June 30th) each usually has taxes payable during September and October. After this you must check with the Ulster County Treasurer's Office. On January 1st, it becomes a relevied school tax, which is collected as part of general taxes.

All delinquent taxes will be collected year round by the Treasurer's Office with interest and penalties.

Filing Requirements:

  • All certificates must certify that all taxes are paid.
  • Map must be printed on linen or mylar.
  • Minimum size: 81/2 inches x 11 inches; Maximum size: 34 inches x 44 inches
  • A paper copy must be submitted with original map for transmittal to Ulster County Real Property Tax Agency.
  • Surveyor's certificate showing date of completion of survey and making of the map, the name of the subdivision and the original signature and seal of the surveyor must appear on the map.
  • Planning Board Approval must appear on map. Map must be filed within 60 days of the date of approval. All signatures must be original. No copies of signatures are acceptable.
  • Certificate of the County Treasurer or an Abstract and Title Company AND Certificate of the tax-collecting unit of any city, town, village and school district where the property is situated.
  • Certificate of County Director of Real Property Tax that fee authorized by Real Property Tax Law Section 503 subdivision 7, if any has been paid.
  • Certificate from Real Property Tax Agency on Ulster County Street Name Approval.
  • Filing fee for map payable to the Ulster County Clerk - $10.00 per sheet.


Deeds presented to the Ulster County Clerk's office must have original signatures and must be acknowledged in accordance with New York State Real Property Law. A completed Real Property Transfer Form and a signed Transfer Tax Affidavit must accompany each deed. These forms can be obtained from the Ulster County Clerk's Office. The fee for a deed is $5.00 per page plus $45.00 for recording. Transfer Tax is due at that rate of $4.00 per $1,000.00 of the cash consideration. Please see fees for detailed information. A cover sheet is generated by the Ulster County Clerk's Office and recorded as part of the deed.


Mortgages must have original signatures and acknowledgements in accordance with New York State Real Property Law. When recording assignments or satisfactions of mortgage all original recording information must appear on the supplementary instrument. The fee for a mortgage is $5.00 per page plus $45.00 to record the instrument. If a mark off is required it is 50 cents additional for each document to be marked off. If an assignment of mortgage assigns more than one mortgage a fee of $3.50 is due on each mortgage being assigned. Please see fees schedule for detailed information.