Records Management

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In October 1987, the Legislature unanimously approved Local Law Number 5 providing for the creation of a Records Management Program and the appointment of a Records Management Officer. The Records Management Program is operated under the auspices of the County Clerk and provides the county with a state-of-the-art records storage facility, as well as a Micrographics production laboratory.

The Ulster County Records Management Program has as its ultimate goal the maximum service to the departments of Ulster County government and local governments within New York State. Services offered by the Program spans the life cycle of public records; from records creation, through their active life, to their secure storage and retrieval, responsible destruction or permanent retention.

Therefore, services provided by the program include archival assessment, processing and storage, retrieval and refile of records, full micrographic services, records management consultation, general records storage and disaster planning. These services are available to all Ulster County departments and New York State Local Governments.