Register Your Site

Directions for Posting Properties

Ulster County uses Catylist EDCLink. If you are already a member of Catylist your Ulster County listed sites will automatically be shown on the County's Catylist link. If you are not, you have two options to get your properties on the website:

Option 1.    Join Catalyst at $27/month. See details at or contact Shane at shane[at]catylist[dot]com


Option 2.    Send the Ulster County Office of Economic Development the details and we can post your listing. Download and complete this spreadsheet. Anything in red is a requirement. Because the County is the member, the contact will be listed as the County and the Office of Economic Development staff will send you all inquiries.
If you choose option 2 you must fill out the details for each property. Properties will be added to the Catylist EDClink in the order in which we receive them.

Please send completed spreadsheets, digital images, documents, maps and any other files you would like associated with your listing to oed[at]co.ulster.ny[dot]us.