Ulster Country FOIL Request Information

Ulster County's NYS Freedom of Information Law records access officers.


FOIL Officer

Alternate Officer

Office for the Aging

Ellen Scheerer

Kim Butwell

Kelly McMullen

County Attorney

Clinton G. Johnson, Esq.

Jon Engel, Esq.

County Clerk

Alice Lawlis

Laurie Hancock

County Executive

Judy Riley

Jodi Longto

County Historian

Anne M. Gordan

Audrey Klinkenberg


Joseph P. Eriole

Steven Ross

District Attorney

Joan Lamb, Esq.

Katherine Van Loan

Office of  Economic Development

Linda Clark


Board of Elections (R)

Thomas F. Turco

Patricia Jacobsen

Board of Elections (D)

Victor Work

Ashley Dittus

Dept. of Emergency Communications/ Management

Steve Peterson


Emergency Control Center

Charles Mutz

Wayne Freer

Office of Employment & Training (OET)

Faith Golden

Cynthia Baran

Department  of Environment


Amanda LaValle

Amanda Wolfson

Department of Finance

Burton Gulnick, Jr.

C.J. Rioux

Department  of Health

Katrina Kouhout

Cheryl McTague

Human Rights Commission

Evelyn J. Clarke


Department of

Information Services

Randall Geuss

Syliva Wohlfahrt

Insurance Department

Dorraine Whitney

Soni O’Bryan


Victoria A. Fabella, Clerk

Krista J. Barringer,

Deputy Clerk

Mental Health Department

Janet Knott

Kristin Carney

Personnel Department

Sheree Cross

April Rodman

Planning Department

Marriane Ananeu

Burt Samuelson

Probation Department

Nancy Schmidt

Valerie Naccarato

Public Defender

Majer H. Gold, Esq.

Andrew Kossover, Esq.

Department of Public Works

Brendan Masterson

Kim DuFresne

Purchasing Department

Marc Rider

Edward Jordan

Real Property Tax Service Agency

Tracey Williams

Bill Peetom

Safety Office

Diane K. Beitl

Emmett L. Vedder

Sherriff’s Office

Diane Falzareno

Michael Freer

Department of Social Services

Phil Cataldi

Valerie Stote

Stop DWI

Nancy Schmidt

Valerie Naccarato

Department of Tourism

Rick Remsnyder

Gloria DeFalco

Ulster County Area Transit


Robert DiBella

Jennifer Buton

Veteran  Services Agency

Steven Massee

Keith Bennett

Weights & Measures

James DeGasperis

Frank Tietjen

Youth Bureau

Evelyn J. Clarke