Pistol Permits

Pistol License Unit

Hours of Operation
8:30 am - 3:00 pm

Questions or information: (845) 340-3639 


  • Treat every firearm as if it were loaded.
  • Always keep the muzzle pointed in a safe direction.
  • Always keep your finger off the trigger and outside the trigger guard unless you intend to fire the weapon.

Form and FAQ for Pistol Permit holders wishing to protect their information from being released:


Premises: A license issued for the protection of the business or residence premises. The use of the loaded pistol for protection is restricted to the INSIDE of the specified address on the license. 

Carry: This license allows you to possess and carry concealed, without regard to employment or place of possession, by any person when proper cause exists for the issuance thereof. (P.L. 400-2-F) All licenses are issued "Good Until Revoked."


Generally, most individuals have a bill of sale from a dealer or individual and present it at the time they pick up their license. The coupon must then be given to the dealer in order to take possession of the weapon. The purchase of a handgun can only be from a valid license holder, a firearms dealer or a police or peace officer. The bill of sale must include the make, model, caliber, type and serial number.


Additional handguns may be purchased and registered on your license by completing a license amendment (in duplicate). The forms are available at the Pistol License Unit. The bill of sale must include the make, model, serial number, type and caliber of the gun being acquired, and name, address, and license number of both buyer and seller.


If you wish to sell a handgun which is registered on your license, you must provide the buyer with a dated bill of sale. The bill of sale must have your name, address, phone number and pistol license number. It must also include the make, model, type, caliber and serial number of the handguns being sold, given, transferred, or co-registered. It must include buyers name, address and license number. You are also required to notify the Pistol License Unit that you are no longer in possession of the weapon(s).

AMNESTY LAW (P.L. 265.20-F)

When a pistol license holder is deceased, the Executor or Administrator of the Estate must dispose of the handgun(s) within 15 days to a dealer, a valid pistol license holder or any police department or sheriff 's office. 

Any person who voluntarily surrenders to any police or sheriff's department (under their terms) an unregistered handgun, is granted amnesty from prosecution for Unlawful Possession. You should call the police or sheriff 's office before bringing in any weapons.


If you have changed your name because of marriage or for other legal reasons, you must provide the Pistol License Unit with a marriage Certificate or legal court documents verifying the change.


Should you change the address listed on your license you must come to the Pistol License Bureau no later than ten days after the change becomes effective. If you move to a different county within NY State, you must make arrangements to have your pistol license records transferred by contacting the Ulster County Clerk's Office.


If your license becomes mutilated or lost, you must notify the Pistol License Unit and complete a request for a duplicate license form.


Picking up a handgun is by appointment only.  To make the appointment, please call (845) 340-3639.


A prompt report must be made to the Pistol License Unit under the following circumstances:

  1. Loss of firearm 
  2. Loss or mutilation of pistol license 
  3. Change of business or residence address 
  4. Arrest, indictment or conviction in any jurisdiction
  5. Intent to dispose of firearm(s)
  • License holder must be in possession of license at all times while carrying firearms. License holder should endeavor to engage in periodic practice at an authorized range. 
  • To assure maximum safety, proper safeguards must be taken at all times to keep firearms away from unauthorized persons, ESPECIALLY CHILDREN. 
  • Firearms should not be left in the glove compartment or trunk of autos, or any place where unauthorized persons may readily have access to them. 
  • A license holder shall not take physical possession of a handgun prior to obtaining a purchase coupon from the Sheriff's Office. 
  • Any violation of the criminal law as well as excessive use of alcohol, violent domestic fraction or abuse, erratic behavior, drug abuse or abuse of driving privileges or the failure to exercise reasonable safety precautions with respect to your firearms, may result in the suspension or revocation of your pistol license. 
  • A pistol license holder is authorized to use ONLY the firearm(s) that are registered on their license. 
  • Upon demand, a pistol license holder must show their license to any police or peace officer acting in an official capacity. 
  • You are not to laminate nor alter your license in any way. 
  • Your pistol license is valid in all of New York State only. However, it is NOT valid in the City of New York and in other states

For more information on pistol licenses, visit the Pistol License Bureau at the New York State Police website, or follow this link to New York Gun Laws. Follow this link for information on the National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS).