Brighter Futures Initiative

Community Empowerment at the RJCEC

The Restorative Justice and Community Empowerment Center (RJCEC) is designed to both promote restorative justice and host community empowerment activities and events. 

For Community Empowerment, we are encouraging organizations who are providing skills trainings, knowledge sharing, and community building to use our space. Our goal is for the RJCEC to be a hub so that the community can feel connected and lifted up by our center. Organizations are encouraged to fill out a short application (hyperlink here).  Space is available for free on a first come first served basis subject to county approval and staff availability. 

Click here for a list of upcoming events at the RJCEC.


Brighter Futures Initiative

The Brighter Futures Initiative’s Mission:

The Brighter Futures Initiative is part of Ulster County Executive Pat Ryan’s agenda to reshape the justice system in Ulster County. The program seeks to deliver targeted interventions to adolescents, their parents/caregivers and members of their family to help break the cycle of generational poverty.  Breaking this cycle will require a different kind of approach—one that involves partnerships between government, nonprofits, businesses, philanthropy and local citizens.  By working together we can lift those whose circumstances put them at risk of enduring this cycle.  The first cohort is starting this fall with 20 youth ages 16-20 who are at risk of justice involvement and future poverty and who have not yet completed High School.

Brighter Futures Initiative Cohort (BFIC): 

This cohort will consist of justice-involved and at risk youth, as well as their families, to promote a greater connection to school, work, and community while preventing further justice involvement. The cohort will have up to 20 participating youth who fit the eligibility criteria.

Each cohort is expected to last at least 4-5 years (2-3 years to complete high school and 2 years to complete college or work milestones)

Case Management Component:

Once the participating youth has been screened for eligibility, they will be placed in the care of the Assistant Youth and Family Care Coordinator.  An individual service plan (ISP) will be developed to set goals and objectives.  The coordinator will assist the participating youth with achieving goals set forth in the ISP.

Brighter Futures Initiative Programming (BFIP):

If it has been determined that a program, service or support is necessary to ensure a successful accomplishment of youth or family participant outcomes, a toolbox will be made available to design the most effective interventions to support participating youth.

Services Provided may include:

  • Alternative Educational Program
  • Tutoring
  • Mentoring
  • Employment Training
  • Mental Health Counseling
  • Substance abuse Counseling
  • Transportation Subsidies
  • Work Clothing Subsidies
  • Internship Stipends
  • Recreation Subsidies (ie access to Town soccer team, baseball team etc)