Treatment and Recovery Resources


Substance Use Recovery Resource List- Updated Weekly

Compiled by: Ellenville Regional Hospital, Rural Health Network

To confirm bed availability, please reach out directly to the agency. Bed availability may frequently change

*Last updated on 8/7/20


American Addiction Centers Multiple sites nationwide Private insurance only Dan Ceriilo, American Addiction Center’s chief of staff and former member of Navy Seal Team Seven and Seal Team One, has enlisted the help of his fellow Navy Seal brothers to help our patients get to our facilities safely and securely. It is an unbelievable opportunity.

DRIVE-IN CLIENTS We are able to offer sober escorts to clients driving to treatment (up to 14 hours) for $150 flat.

AIR TRAVELERS For clients that want to FLY to treatment, we can offer the sober escort for $150 plus the client’s travel cost.

Contact – Nick – 1-585-507-5485


Arms Acres Carmel, NY

Admissions/Intake: 1-888-227-4641

Continues to offer transportation

As of 8/7/20 – Continuing to admit to detox. Direct admit to rehab as well, but under strict OASAS criteria. Admissions of individuals from Albany to Ulster County.

OTP, Same day access for suboxone and methadone open


Bon Secours – New Directions (Hospital Based), Port Jervis, NY

As of 8/7/20 – Limited Detox beds available and No rehab beds available at this time (patients can be put on waitlist)

For detox admission - Go directly through ER

For rehab – Contact Regina to do screening 845-368-5242 and you can send a referral to 845-206-0354.


Catholic Charities Community Services of Orange, Sullivan and Ulster (CCCSOSU)

As of 8/7/20 – Catholic Charities of Orange, Sullivan and Ulster is accepting new referrals and continues to provide services. No bed availability for crisis at this time but call to see if there are changes.

Sullivan County

Crisis Services Unit located 17 Hamilton Ave. Monticello, NY is providing detox services. 845-794-8080 ext. 2200 call first for bed availability.

Day Rehabilitation and Outpatient located at 396 Broadway Monticello, NY providing services via telephone and telepratice including MATS open 9-5 Monday through Friday. 845-794-8080 ext. 2100. Now offering group therapy via telepractice.

Orange County Clinics

Goshen – 294-5888, x1125 or 1100 Port Jervis – 856-6344, x1425 or 1400 Walden – 778-5628, x1225 or 1200 Newburgh – 562-8255, x1625 or 1600 Monroe – 782-0295, x1525 or 1500 Middletown – 343-7675, x1325 or 1300

Community Outreach Teams in Sullivan and Ulster (COTI) providing counseling, MATS, Peer Services and Narcan Training via telepractice and telephone services. 24 hours on call number 845-467-0861 or call directly Sullivan County 845-794-8080 ext. 2100, Ulster County 845-754-4944 or 845-395-8129 or the afterhours on call.


Conifer Park, Glenville, NY

Admissions/Intake: 1-800-989-6446

As of 8/7/20 – No detox or rehab beds available at this time but can change any moment, call to see if there is an opening. Only accepting patients from Greene County area but not accepting patients from as far out as Buffalo area.


Cornerstone, Rhinebeck, NY

Admissions/Intake: 845-266-3481/Lori – 845-214-7358

As of 8/7/20 – Admitting for detox. Admitting for rehab but following strict OASAS guidelines.


Four Winds (Hospital Based), Saratoga, NY

Admissions/Intake: 518-584-3600

As of 8/7/20 – Continues to admit for inpatient psych, Outpatient services offered telephonically and video

Westchester, NY

Admissions/Intake: 914-763-8151

As of 7/24/20 – Continues to admit for inpatient psych


Good Samaritan (Hospital Based), Suffern, NY

As of 8/7/20 – Limited Detox beds available and NO rehab beds available at this time,

For detox admission - Go directly through ER

For rehab – Contact Regina to do screening 845-368-5242 and you can send a referral to 845-206-0354.


Health Alliance of HV (Bridge Back), Kingston, NY

Admissions/Intake: 845-943-6091

As of 8/7/20 – Still admitting new patients for outpatient but using telephonic or telepractice services – no in-person meetings or groups


Health Alliance of HV (First Step), Kingston, NY

As of 6/19/20 – Permanently closed.


Health Alliance of HV (OTP – Methadone Clinic), Kingston, NY

Admissions/Intake: 845-943-6022

As of 8/7/20 – OTP is admitting priority patients, such as pregnant women and those with HIV. Others are placed on a waiting list. Screenings are completed via telephone.


Health Alliance of HV Adult and Adolescent Partial Hospitalization Programs (PHP), Mary’s Avenue Campus Kingston, NY

Admissions/Intake: 845-334-3120 x 2 As of 8/7/20 – All services are being offered either via telehealth or in person i.e. admission assessments, group therapy, individual therapy, medication management, and family therapy. The full program day for Adult PHP is M-F 9:30am-2:00pm. The full program day for Adolescent PHP is M-F 10:00am-2:00pm.


Hudson Valley Community Services Monticello, NY Newburgh, NY

Admissions/Intake: 845-535-1659 or 845-522-5767 As of 8/7/20 – Continuing to provide MAT services to active and previous clients returning to care via telehealth. The Clinic will be open on Mondays and Tuesdays for appts. Telehealth will still be provided the remaining days of the week.


MARC Crisis Center, Poughkeepsie, NY

Admissions/Intake: 845-471-0310 As of 8/7/20 – Still admitting for crisis services, but currently full but can change daily, referral from another facility to transfer in, patients will need a negative Covid test prior to admitting.


New Hope Manor Poughkeepsie, NY

Admissions/Intake: (845) 452-2870 Women, Pregnant Women, Women with Young Children As of 8/7/20 - Currently have two openings at our Community Residence located at 141 South Avenue in Poughkeepsie, NY.


Phelps Memorial Hospital, Sleepy Hollow, NY

Admissions/Intake: (914) 366-3027 As of 8/7/20 - SUD inpatient program is not in operation

As of 8/7/20 Phelps Counseling is practicing telehealth 914-366-3600

As of 8/7/20 Phelps Continuing Day treatment is practicing telehealth 914-923-5700


RC Ward Addiction Treatment Center, Middletown, NY

Admissions/Intake: 845-341-2511

As of 8/7/20 – Yes to rehab admissions but currently full


Resource Recovery Center of Orange County, Middletown, NY

Admissions/Intake: 845-209-3500

Will provide transportation Monday-Friday As of 8/7/20 – Still taking patients for detox and rehab. Admitting NYC residents, but by referral only and Covid negative test


Samadhi Community Outreach and Recovery Center, Kingston, NY

Organization Phone Number: 1-917-783 9352

Peer Hotline Phone Number: 1-855-726-2344 or 1-855-SAMADHI

As of 8/7/20 – Offering face-to-face counseling, Monday-Saturday, 11am to 9pm. Recovery based meditation groups and Refuge Recovery meetings both live and on zoom every day. Mediation held at 11 am and 8:30 pm. Refuge Recovery meetings held at 12:30pm and 7pm.

Also offering Narcan trainings!


Samaritan Daytop Village: Ellenville, NY. Rhinebeck, NY

Admissions/Intake - 718-657-6195, 845-647-6575 As of 8/7/20 – Admitting to both Ellenville campuses and Rhinebeck campus


Step One

Ellenville, NY - 845-647-5400

Highland, NY - 845-691-9191

As of 8/7/20 – Step One Highland and Ellenville are still open, providing remote. Telepractice within our same schedule as always. Our physical sites are open for scheduled injectable medication, other than that we are all remote intake, assessment, individual, group, psychiatry and medication management treatment. The intake process continues the same as when we are physically present, with full phone access 8:30am-9pm Monday-Thursday; 8:30am-4pm Fridays. Treatment available 7 days per week in Highland and Mon-Sat in Ellenville.

Update: We are continuing telepractice for all groups, and seeing some individuals and assessments in-person following all precautions. The in-person sessions and assessments are measured by the client’s COVID19 health, risk of relapse or dropping from treatment, clinical need and agreement to attend in-person. We are providing Urine Toxicology Screenings to individuals that come on-site and are using local Quest labs for all off site Urine Toxicology Screens. We also are addressing the recent people’s movements and civil change in all groups, ensuring healthiest emotional and rational responses to individual’s reactions to these times; Encouraging change and growth.


St. Christopher’s Inn, Garrison, NY

Admissions/Intake: 845-335-1020

As of 8/7/20 – Taking referrals and doing screenings Monday-Friday


Turning Point at Mid-Hudson Regional, Poughkeepsie, NY

Admissions/Intake: 845-483-5511

As of 8/7/20 – Yes, admitting for detox and rehab beds, please call for availability

As of 8/7/20- Outpatient is practicing telehealth


Villa Veritas, Kerhonkson, NY

Admissions/Intake: 845-626-3555

Private insurance only

No transportation to facility at the moment

As of 8/7/20 – Taking inpatient admissions from ALL areas, COVID-19 screen and test required prior to admission


This list may not represent all services available in the region. If you have any questions about this list, Please contact Tonya Stokes SUD Program Coordinator, Ellenville Regional Hospital at: tstokes[at]erhny[dot]org