Economic Indicators - Additional Resources

Tourism Information

Tourism plays an important part in Ulster County's Economy, accounting for over $580 Million in Economic Activity in 2017. Each year the Oxford Economics produces a report breaking down the impact tourism has in our region; you can find the most recent copy of this report on the Catskill Region here.


United State Census Bureau

The United State Census Bureau, In addition to information from the Dicennial Census, also provides population and demographic projections and estimates as part of the American Community Survey (ACS). Both the Census Data as well as the ACS Data can be reviewed by visiting


The Office of Economic Development sends out welcome letters to each business that files a "DBA" certificate with the Ulster County Clerk's office. The following table indicates the number of DBA filings as reported by NYS Land Records

Sep-17 45
Oct-17 76
Nov-17 52
Dec-17 41
Jan-18 66
Feb-18 66
Mar-18 65
Apr-18 78
May-18 81
Jun-18 66
Jul-18 52
Aug-18 59
Sep-18 59
Oct-18 58
Nov-18 52
Dec-18 49
Jan-19 63
Feb-19 73
Mar-19 76
Apr-19 82