Healthy Ulster Radio Archive

Healthy Ulster Radio Show 1 - deleted due to outdated content


Healthy Ulster Radio Show 2 - an interview with UCDOH Commissioner, Dr. Carol Smith on the ZIKA virus, its origin, threat, and testing protocols.  Includes preventative measures that people can take to help prevent it. 


Healthy Ulster Radio Show 3 - this program focuses on Lyme and other tick-borne diseases and how to prevent and treat them. Guests are UCDOH Health Education Coordinator and resident tick expert, Stacy Kraft, and Infectious Disease Specialist, Dr. Marc Tack.


Healthy Ulster Radio Show 4  - a discussion with Tobacco Free Action Communities Director, Ellen Reinhard, on the dangers of tobacco use, tobacco marketing, and what's being done to help prevent it in our community and region.


Healthy Ulster Radio Show 5 - a discussion on clean water, a cleaner Hudson River and watershed protection, with Dan Shapley, Water Quality Manager at Riverkeeper.


Healthy Ulster Radio Show 6 - a look at access to healthy food and food insecurity with Micheal Berg, Executive Director of Family and Beth McLendon, Director of Ulster Corps.


Healthy Ulster Radio Show 7 - 08.07.16 - an exploration of Ulster County's magnificent rail-trail system and what it means for community health and economic vitality with Chris White, UC Deputy Director of Planning and Dr. Kathy Nolan, Senior Research Director of Catskill Mountainkeeper.


Healthy Ulster Radio Show 8  - this program examines Veteran's health and wellness and available services, with Keith Bennett, Deputy Director of Ulster County Veteran's Services Agency


Healthy Ulster Radio Show 9  - this program explores the connection between home energy efficiency, affordability and climate change with Michael Courtney, Outreach Coordinator from Rural Ulster Preservation Company (RUPCO)


Healthy Ulster Radio Show 10  - this program focuses on lead poisoning, how to prevent it, and what we need to know to help protect our children. Guests are Donna Greenfield and Wendy Johnson from  UCDOH's lead poisoning prevention programs


Healthy Ulster Radio Show 11 - (rerun of Show 4 above)


Healthy Ulster Radio Show 12  - a discussion with Stacy Rein, Director of United Way of Ulster County


Healthy Ulster Radio Show 13  - this program discussed children's dental health and wellness 


Healthy Ulster Radio Show 14 - a discussion on Substance Abuse Prevention with Cheryl DePaolo, Director of Ulster Prevention Council


Healthy Ulster Radio Show 15 - this program looks at the new regulations regarding bringing your dog along to dine outdoors at restaurants.


Healthy Ulster Radio Show 16 - a discussion about heart health and preventing cardiovascular disease with the American Heart Association. 


Healthy Ulster Radio Show 17 - a look at the Ulster County Relatives as Parents Program.


Healthy Ulster Radio Show 18 - the topic is Recycling and Community Health and Sustainability, with guests from Ulster County Resource Recovery Agency.


Healthy Ulster Radio Show 19 - a discussion about our community's extensive suicide prevention efforts, with Ellen Pendegar, CEO of Mental Health Association in Ulster County.


Healthy Ulster Radio Show 20 - the topic is Sustainable Ulster County and how Ulster County became one of the only net carbon neutral communities in the nation.


Healthy Ulster Radio Show 21 - influenza is a serious and preventable, contagious disease. This program discusses flu vaccinations and how to protect yourself and your family.


Healthy Ulster Radio Show 22 - a discussion on the Safe Harbour Program, designed to protect children from sexual exploitation and trafficking, with UC Commissioner of Social Services, Mike Iappoce and Program Coordinator, Jackie Arsenuk.


Healthy Ulster Radio Show 23 - an exploration of Ulster County's Mobile Mental Health Team, with Patricia Tuber, Program Director. 


Healthy Ulster Radio Show 24 - an exploration of the YMCA in Ulster's cardio fitness programs, with CEO Heidi Kirschner.


Healthy Ulster Radio Show 25 - a look at Ulster County's Home Energy Assistance and Fuel Assistance programs.


Healthy Ulster Radio Show 26 - this program highlights Ulster County's Family Advocate program designed to help people navigate their way through available substance abuse treatment and recovery programs and insurance coverage.


Healthy Ulster Radio Show 27 - a discussion about Elder Abuse Prevention with representatives from the Ulster County Elder Abuse Prevention Taskforce.


Healthy Ulster Radio Show 28  - a look at cancer and how to help prevent it with Amy Wen, Senior Manager for Health Systems at the American Cancer Society.


Healthy Ulster Radio Show 29  - a discussion about preventing cardiovascular disease and stroke with Carolyn Torella, Communications Director of the American Heart Association in the Hudson Valley.


Healthy Ulster Radio Show 30 - the American Heart Association in the HV discusses "Go Red Day" and cardiovascular health for women.


Healthy Ulster Radio Show 31 - a review of elder home care services and services for children with developmental disabilities with Always There Home Care and the Arc of Ulster- Green.


Health Ulster Radio Show 32 - summer youth employment opportunities with Lisa Berger, Director of UC Office of Employment and Traning and Janet Rigaux, Coordinator of the UC Summer Youth Employment Program.


Healthy Ulster Radio Show 33 - rerun


Healthy Ulster Radio Show 34 - a review of the 2017 County Health Rankings and how County Health Rankings have helped shape strategy, policy, and decision making throughout the community with special guest, Ulster County Executive Mike Hein.  


Healthy Ulster Radio Show 35 - a look at child abuse prevention and the services of the Ulster County Family/Child Advocacy Center.


Healthy Ulster Radio Show 36 - community health and wellness, with Drew Andrews, Executive Director of the Center for Creative Education.


Healthy Ulster Radio Show 37 - a program on cycling for individual and community health and wellness with Tom Polk from YMCA in Ulster.


Healthy Ulster Radio Show 38 - a discussion highlighting access to fresh and healthy local food with Katy Kondrat, Manager of the Kingston Farmer's Market.


Healthy Ulster Radio Show 39 - rerun


Healthy Ulster Radio Show 40 - a discussion on the developments at Health Alliance of the Hudson Valley hospitals, the Health Alliance/Westchester Medical Center affiliation, and what they mean for patients and the community, with CEO Dave Scarpino.


Healthy Ulster Radio Show 41 - a look at veteran's health services and challenges, in Ulster County.


Healthy Ulster Radio Show 42 - a discussion of elder health and wellness in Ulster County with Kim Butwell, Deputy Director of Ulster County Office for the Aging.


Healthy Ulster Radio Show 43 - a discussion focusing on tick ecology and tick-borne disease prevention, with Rick Ostfeld, Ph.D., Senior Scientist at the Cary Institute for Ecosystem Studies.


Healthy Ulster Radio Show 44 - this week's topic is Rabies and Rabies Prevention.


Healthy Ulster Radio Show 45 - a discussion on Ulster County's suicide prevention initiatives, including working with gun shop owners and sportsmen's clubs to help prevent gun-related suicide.


Healthy Ulster Radio Show 46 - maternal and infant health and wellness, with Caren Fairweather. Executive Director of Maternal-Infant Services Network - NY


Healthy Ulster Radio Show 47 - the opioid crisis and community prevention strategies


Healthy Ulster Radio Show 48 - a look at the Ulster County WIC (Women, Infants, and Children) nutrition program


Healthy Ulster Radio Show 49 - Kingston on the Move. An overview of all of the exciting, pedestrian, student and bicycle-friendly infrastructure and recreation projects in the City of Kingston, with Kristin Wilson, COK Grants Coordinator


Healthy Ulster Radio Show 50 - a discussion of public health emergency preparedness with Diane Aznoe, from the UCDOH Public Health Preparedness Unit


Healthy Ulster Radio Show 51 - a look at the NYS 511 Rideshare Program, with Tammy Herendeen, Regional Director of 511 Rideshare


Healthy Ulster Radio Show 52 - UC Substance Use Prevention Strategy with Phoenix Kawamoto, Prevention Specialist, and Community Educator for the Town of New Paltz.


Healthy Ulster Radio Show 53 - Local Agriculture and Community Wellness, with Carol Reiser, Executive Director of the Rondout Valley Growers Association


Healthy Ulster Radio Show 54 - Drinking Water Quality, with Judy Hansen from the City of Kingston Water Department


Healthy Ulster Radio Show 55 - Breast Cancer Awareness, with Dr. Zoe Wienstein from Health Alliance/WMC


Healthy Ulster Radio Show 56 - Food Insecurity Challenges and Initiatives 


Healthy Ulster Radio Show 57 - Tobacco Use and Cancer, with Julie Hart from the American Cancer Society - NY


Healthy Ulster Radio Show 58 - Heart Disease and Stroke Prevention and Tobacco Use - American Heart Association - HV


Healthy Ulster Radio Show 59 - Substance Use Prevention in Our Schools, with Kevin Castle, Superintendent of Schools, Wallkill Central School District, and Sandi Hecht, Prevention Specialist Practitioner and Licensed Social Worker, WCSD 


Healthy Ulster Radio Show 60 - a discussion on Human Trafficking and Ulster County's Safe Harbour Program with UC Commissioner of Social Services, Mike Iapoce and Safe Harbour Program Coordinator, Jackie Arsenuk


Healthy Ulster Radio Show 61 - a review of Ulster Prevention Council's youth survey of substance use attitudes and trends with UPC Executive Director, Cheryl DePaolo


Healthy Ulster Radio Show 62 - this program focuses on legal assistance for low-income individuals and families, with Lauren Sheeley, from Legal Services of the Hudson Valley


Healthy Ulster Radio Show 63 - a review of the 2018 Flu Season with Infectious Disease Specialist, Dr. Marc Tack and Commissioner of Health, Dr. Carol Smith


Healthy Ulster Radio Show 64 - a discussion on how mental health challenges and violence impact youth  with Gerald Fix, Chief of Psychology of the Ulster County Department of Mental Health 


Healthy Ulster Radio Show 6- a discussion on tobacco prevention and community wellness with Susan Lennon, Tobacco Program Manager, of the Center for a Tobacco-Free Hudson Valley


Healthy Ulster Radio Show 66 - a celebration of National Public Health Week with special guest, Dr. Howard Zucker, Commissioner of the New York State Department of Health


New Numbering Sequence Follows:


Healthy Ulster Radio Show 105 - tobacco prevention and the impact of raising the age of purchase to 21 in Ulster County, with Ellen Reinhard, Director of Tobacco Free Action Communities in Ulster, Dutchess, and Sullivan


Healthy Ulster Radio Show 106 - the importance of emergency preparedness, with Diane Azone, from UCDOH's Public Health Preparedness Program


Healthy Ulster Radio Show 107 - an update on at Kingston Greenline, with Executive Director, Julia Farr


Healthy Ulster Radio Show 108 - a discussion on Institue for Family Health's, Healthy Families Program


Healthy Ulster Radio Show 109 - a discussion on tick-borne disease prevention with UCDOH Public Health Education Coordinator, Stacy Kraft


Healthy Ulster Radio Show 110 - a review of affordable housing options and other innovative housing projects with Kathy Germain, VP of Housing Services with the Rural Ulster Preservation Company (RUPCO)


Healthy Ulster Radio Show 111 - a discussion on Juvenile Justice and Restorative Justice, with Dana Katz from Family of Woodstock's One80 Program


Healthy Ulster Radio Show 112 - Rabies, a serious and preventable disease, with Environmental Health Specialist James Rodden, from Ulster County DOH


Healthy Ulster Radio Show 113 - a discussion on HIV/Aids and other sexually transmitted infections with Dr. Michael Sheran


Healthy Ulster Radio Show 114 - community substance use prevention and treatment with Tom McCarry, Director of the Institute for Family Health's Substance Use Prevention Services


Healthy Ulster Radio Show 115 - a discussion on the connection between human rights and worker justice with Julieth Nunez, Victim Services Case Manager at Worker's Justice Center NY


Healthy Ulster Radio Show 116 - a review of Ulster County Area Transportation (UCAT), Ulster County's public transportation system, with Executive Director, Carol Hargrove


Healthy Ulster Radio Show 117 - a discussion with the leaders of Hudson Valley Hospice, outlining the invaluable services they provide to individuals and families in need


Healthy Ulster Radio Show 118 -  deleted due to outdated information


Healthy Ulster Radio Show 119 - a summary of all of the great bicycle-friendly initiatives, programs, and events in Ulster County with Tom Polk from the YMCA in Ulster


Healthy Ulster Radio Show 120 - a discussion of climate change and its impact on human and community health with Tim Guinee from the Climate Reality Project


Healthy Ulster Radio Show 121 - an exploration of the exciting and innovative new alternative education programs offered at Ulster BOCES with Superintendent, Dr. Charles Kourhy


Healthy Ulster Radio Show 122 - an updated  review of cardiovascular disease and stroke prevention with Carolyn Torella from the American Heart Association - Hudson Valley Region


Healthy Ulster Radio Show 123 - a discussion on health and wellness resources and challenges with Jake Salt, Director of Programs and Services at the HV LGBTQ Community Center


Healthy Ulster Radio Show 124 - the topic is child and adolescent behavioral health wellness with Stephanie McCoubrey, Supervisor of  Ulster Clinics - Astor Clinics and Services for Families and Children


Healthy Ulster Radio Show 125 - a review of Cornell Cooperative Extension's Relative as Parents and Sober Parenting Journey Programs


Healthy Ulster Radio Show 126 - the topic is Climate Change and Community Resiliency, with Julie Noble, Environmental and Education Coordinator for the City of Kingston, and Elizabeth (Beta) Road, Outreach Director of New Yorkers for Clean Power


Healthy Ulster Radio Show 127 - community resources for persons with disabilities with the Resource Center for Accessible Living


Healthy Ulster Radio Show 128 - breast and prostate cancer awareness and prevention


Healthy Ulster Radio Show 129 - promoting youth mental health in and through our schools - Ulster BOCES


Healthy Ulster Radio Show 130 - the role of health insurers in prevention and wellness - Wellcare


Healthy Ulster Radio Show 131 - a discussion on highway safety for pedestrians, bicyclists, and motorists with Rose Quinn from the SUNY Ulster Mid-Hudson Health and Safety Institute


Healthy Ulster Radio Show 132 - the role of public utilities in community health, wellness, and resilience with Beth Monaco and John Maserjian from Central Hudson Gas and Electric 


Healthy Ulster Radio Show 133 - the subject is Colorectal Cancer prevention with Dr. Ari Goldstein, a board-certified Gastroenterologist who is part of the HealthAlliance/WMC Health Network


Healthy Ulster Radio Show 134 - a discussion around the Crime Victim Assistance and UC Bystanders Against Sexual Assault programs, with Sarah Kramer-Harrison


Healthy Ulster Radio Show 135 - a talk with Joe Concra, founder of the O Positive Festival, exploring the connection between the creative arts and community health and wellness.


Healthy Ulster Radio Show 136 - a discussion with the leadership of Catholic Charities of Orange, Sullivan, and Ulster of their substance use and opioid use disorder support services


Healthy Ulster Radio Show 137 - a program addressing youth mental health and the Youth Mental Health First Aid Program with Adam  Billingslea, Program Director for Mental Health Awareness at HealthAlliance Hospitals, in Kingston


Healthy Ulster Radio Show 138 - healthy eating and food shopping with Jenna Guadagna, Registered Dietician from Shop Rite, in Kingston


Healthy Ulster Radio Show 139 - healthy pregnancies and healthy childbirth with Dr. Dean Bloch and Barbara Smith-Foy, from HealthAlliance Hospital, in Kingston


Healthy Ulster Radio Show 140 - reducing plastics in our environment through the new UC Bring Your Own Bag Act, with Amanda LaValle, Coordinator of the UC Department of the Environment


Healthy Ulster Radio Show 141 - Live Well Kingston and its work to create a healthy and sustainable built environment


Healthy Ulster Radio Show 142 -  an overview of the community health improvement work of the Ellenville Rural Health Network


Healthy Ulster Radio Show 143 - a discussion regarding problem gambling


Healthy Ulster Radio Show 144 - Migration and Its Impact on Mental Health


Healthy Ulster Radio Show 145 - a review of the role of Ulster County's Mobile Mental Health Team and the new Urgent Mental Health Care Center in Orange County


Healthy Ulster Radio Show 146 - the role of public libraries in community health and wellness


Healthy Ulster Radio Show 147 - the role of community recovery support centers in addressing the opioid epidemic


Healthy Ulster Radio Show 148 - a discussion of all of the new and exciting programs and facility upgrades at the YMCA of Kingston, in Ulster County


Healthy Ulster Radio Show 149 - the nicotine addiction and health risks associated with vaping


Healthy Ulster Radio Show 150 -  unavailable at this time. Will be rerecorded and posted here at a future date


Healthy Ulster Radio Show 151 - preventing communicable diseases, with a focus on flu and measles


Healthy Ulster Radio Show 152 - the power of one-to-one mentoring for women, by women, with the Raising Hope Program


Healthy Ulster Radio Show 153 - maternal and infant health and wellness with the Maternal Infant Services Network


Healthy Ulster Radio Show 154 - an update on the HealthAlliance/Westchester Medical Centner hospital expansion/renovation project, in Kingston


Healthy Ulster Radio Show 155 - an interview with Julie Evans, author of "Joy Road, My Journey from Addiction to Recovery"


Healthy Ulster Radio Show 156 - an overview of the programs and activities of Habitat for Humanity, in the greater Ulster County area


Healthy Ulster Radio Show 157 - a discussion with the leadership team of Arms Acres and Conifer Park, one of the leading substance use treatment organizations in the Hudson Valley


Healthy Ulster Radio Show 158 - how residents and businesses can save energy, save money, and fight climate change with Cornell Cooperative Extensions' Community Energy Engagement Program


Healthy Ulster Radio Show 159 - an overview of the emerging Coronavirus (COVID-19) epidemic with UC Commissioner of Health and Mental Health, Dr. Carol Smith


Healthy Ulster Radio Show 160 - an exploration of the 261 Fearless Club, a national organization that brings women from all walks of life together for exercise, fitness, and movement


Healthy Ulster Radio Show 161 - healthier eating, shopping, and nutrition, with Kristin Kessler, Registered Dietitian at the ShopRite of Kingston


Healthy Ulster Radio Show 162 - the Ulster County Brighter Futures Initiative, reshaping the criminal justice system by working with adolescents to break the cycle of generational poverty


Healthy Ulster Radio Show 163 - a discussion on a community-based, mindfulness approach to coping with the opioid epidemic with David MacNamara, Executive Director of the Samadhi Community Recovery and Outreach Center


Healthy Ulster Radio Show 164 - healthy eating and nutrition on a budget with Cornell Cooperative Extension's SNAP-Ed Program


Healthy Ulster Radio Show 165 - a conversation with Frank Waters, Executive Director of Kingston Midtown Rising, a dynamic community organization working to revitalize and connect the Mid-town Kingston community


Healthy Ulster Radio Show 166 - preventing Lyme and other tick-borne diseases with Stacy Kraft, Public Health Education Coordinator at the Ulster County Department of Health


Healthy Ulster Radio Show 167 - the effects of burning wood on air quality and health with Lorraine Farina, member of the City of Kingston's Conservation Advisory Council and Chair of the Air Quality Subcommittee


Healthy Ulster Radio Show 168 - an interview with Marty Klein, producer, and director of "Why Can't We Serve", a film that explores the challenges faced by veterans and others with disabilities who are striving to maintain and create meaningful livelihoods


Healthy Ulster Radio Show 169 - a show that explores buying, cooking, and sharing local food as a means of building personal and community wellness and resiliency


Healthy Ulster Radio Show 170 - a discussion with the people from Circle of Friends for the Dying, working to empower individuals and families to transition to death, whenever the time comes, with awareness, understanding, and dignity


Healthy Ulster Radio Show 171 - an interview with Kelly Lyndgaard, founder and CEO of Unshattered, an innovative nonprofit organization that empowers women to recover from addiction through a comprehensive system of employment, and support services and resources needed to help them transform their lives and achieve a successful and sustained recovery


Healthy Ulster Radio Show 172 - September is National Suicide Awareness and Prevention Month and the guest is Dr. Gerald Fix, Chief of Psychology of the Ulster County Department of Mental Health, who talks about the causes and risk factors of suicide, how to recognize signs and symptoms, what to do and say to someone experiencing suicidal thoughts, and how to help prevent suicide.


Healthy Ulster Radio Show 173 - a discussion on preventing all forms of poisoning with experts at Upstate NY Poison Center


Healthy Ulster Radio Show 174 - the challenges of preventing domestic violence during the COVID pandemic, and an overview of the Annual Domestic Violence Prevention Forum, with leaders from Interagency Council on Domestic Violence and Human Trafficking 


Healthy Ulster Radio Show 175 - a discussion of the impacts of climate change and the consequences for current and future generations with youth leaders from Extinction Rebellion Youth of the Hudson Valley


Healthy Ulster Radio Show 176 - an overview of Ulster County's Resources Service Center, which provides residents with a convenient means to learn about and connect to the broad spectrum of community and government resources available to assist with the COVID pandemic and more.


Healthy Ulster Radio Show 177 - an interview with Stacy Rein, Executive Director of United Way of Ulster County on all of the great services and support they provide to the community, both during the COVID pandemic and all year long.


Healthy Ulster Radio Show 178 - a discussion of all of the great services and training programs provided by Ulster County's Office of Employment and Training and Workforce Development. Whether you seeking employment, looking for qualified employees, or just want to sharpen your skills, UCOET has something for you.


Healthy Ulster Radio Show 179 - an overview of Sun River Health, Ulster County's newly merged Federally Qualified Health Clinic


Healthy Ulster Radio Show 180 - an interview with Shaniqua Bowden, Cultural Engagement Director of Kingston Land Trust, a premier nonprofit that protects ecologically, historically, and culturally significant land for the common good. KLT continues to play an important role in addressing food and housing insecurity in and around the greater Kingston area


Healthy Ulster Radio Show 181 - a discussion on climate change, its local and regional implications, and local and regional efforts to prevent, mitigate and adapt to it, with Melissa Everett, Executive Director of Sustainable Hudson Valley


Healthy Ulster Radio Show 182 - a discussion of Alzheimer's Disease with the staff of Alzheimer's Association - Hudson Valley Chapter


Healthy Ulster Radio Show 183 - an overview of the COVID pandemic and COVID vaccines, on the national, regional, and local level


Healthy Ulster Radio Show 184 - an overview and discussion of the housing crisis in Ulster County and its impact on family and community health and wellness


Healthy Ulster Radio Show 185 - an overview of  the Holistic Health Community, a volunteer community organization that seeks to provide holistic health services to all, regardless of ability to pay


Healthy Ulster Radio Show 186 -  a discussion on human trafficking on a global, national, and local level


Healthy Ulster Radio Show 187 - an overview of Family Service's Family Support Peer Program, a program that assists families supporting children with social, developmental and behavioral health challenges


Healthy Ulster Radio Show 188-A - Part 1 of a discussion on the topic of Maternal Health and Wellness, including health disparities, and the impact of COVID on maternal health with Dr. Ashanda St. John, Chair of Health Alliance's Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology


Healthy Ulster Radio Show 188-B -  Part 2


Healthy Ulster Radio Show 189 - an overview of Ulster County's Green New Deal from both an ecological and environmental perspective


Healthy Ulster Radio Show 190 - an update on tobacco prevention challenges and policy on the state, regional and local level, with Ellen Reinhardt, Executive Director of Tobacco Free Action Communities in Ulster and Sullivan


Healthy Ulster Radio Show 191 - an overview of the health, behavioral health, and substance use prevention and treatment services provided by the Institute for Family Health, one of New York's and Ulster County's leading Federally Qualified Health Centers 


Healthy Ulster Radio Show 192 - a discussion with David MacNamara, Executive Director of the Samadhi Community Recovery Center, a mindfulness based program that assists and supports people who use drugs on their path to recovery


Healthy Ulster Radio Show 193 - a look at the Ulster County Sheriff's Opioid Response as Local Law Enforcement (ORACLE) Program, an innovative approach to responding to and assisting individuals with substance use and opioid use disorder challenges


Healthy Ulster Radio Show 194 - featuring an overview of the Solarize Ulster program, a County-sponsored program that helps residents sign up for community solar to provide renewably produced electricity to their homes and businesses, at a discount


Healthy Ulster Radio Show 195 - a talk with Dr. Kathy Nolan, Executive Director of Catskill Mountainkeeper, an organization that works to protect wild lands, promote smart growth, and promote a 100% clean energy future


Healthy Ulster Radio Show 196 - a discussion with Dan Shapely, from Riverkeeper, one of our region's preeminent environmental organizations working to protect the Hudson River, its watershed, and our drinking water


Healthy Ulster Radio Show 197 - a discussion with Environmental Advocates NY on the proposed amendment to the NYS Constitution that would the right of all New Yorkers the right to clean air, clean water and a healthful environment 


Healthy Ulster Radio Show 198 a discussion on Eating Disorders with Registered Dietician and Nutritionist, Ilyse Simon 


Healthy Ulster Radio Show 199 - a discussion on Climate Change prevention, mitigation, and adaptation with Seth McKee, Executive Director of Scenic Hudson 


Healthy Ulster Radio Show 200 - a discussion on food safety, including safe handling and preparation with Cory Kassler, one of Ulster County Department of Health's experience food safety inspectors