Ulster County Executive Mike Hein Proclaims The Week Of January 15th As No Name-Calling Week In Ulster County

Posted January 12, 2018


Kingston, NY – Ulster County Executive Mike Hein proclaims the week of January 15th No Name-Calling Week in Ulster County.  No Name-Calling Week (NNCW) is a national bullying prevention campaign developed by the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network (GLSEN) and is co-sponsored locally by the Hudson Valley LGBTQ Community Center.  The focus is to “Celebrate Kindness” while working to create safe schools free from name-calling, bullying and bias.  This is the 8th consecutive year that Ulster County is participating in No Name-Calling Week.

To highlight No Name-Calling Week this year, County Executive Mike Hein and Hudson Valley LGBTQ Executive Director Jeff Rindler announce an important anti-cyber-bullying initiative that will focus on education and prevention.  The program with include a Steering Committee who will assist in developing the programming which will include an anti-cyber-bullying social medial campaign and a cyber-bullying awareness campaign for parents. 

Michael P. Hein, Ulster County Executive

“No Name-Calling Week reminds students that bullying is unacceptable and that the effects of bullying can be devastating to the victim, whether it happens on school grounds or through social media,” said County Executive Mike Hein.  “According to the Cyberbullying Research Center, 73% of students reported that they had been bullied at school at some point in their lifetime and 34% of students had experienced cyber-bullying in their lifetime.  With the popularity of social media and advanced technology, cyber-bullying has been increasing and that is why Ulster County’s recent law prohibiting cyber-bullying is an important tool that can help discourage and prevent online bullying.  I am pleased to highlight GLSEN’s No Name-Calling Week and I look forward to the County’s partnership with the LGBTQ Center in educating the community and making a difference in protecting our youth from the seriousness of cyber-bullying.”

Rob Conlon, Co-Chair, GLSEN Hudson Valley

“GLSEN Hudson Valley is thrilled that 30 schools throughout Ulster County will be implementing activities during No Name-Calling Week focused on putting kindness in action to redress the negative impacts of bullying and harassment,” Rob Conlon, Co-Chair of GLSEN Hudson Valley.  “Name-calling, bullying, and harassment continue to be prevalent in our schools, even in states like New York with comprehensive anti-bullying and harassment laws.  We are fortunate Ulster County Executive Mike Hein has always understood that school climate can only improve if the whole community actively works toward that goal.  His ongoing support of No Name-Calling Week and encouraging schools to not only recognize the importance of kindness, but actively add kindness into every action reminds all of us that healthy, respectful learning environments are essential for our students.”

Jeff Rindler, Executive Director, Hudson Valley LGBTQ Community Center

“The Center is proud to be partnering with County Executive Hein to take action against cyber-bullying,” said Jeff Rindler, Executive Director at the Hudson Valley LGBTQ Community Center.   “We will be creating a social marketing campaign focused on anti-cyber-bullying and a presentation to reach the community on the impact of cyber-bullying and actions to take to prevent it from occurring.  The Center is also partnering again with GLSEN on our Creative Expression Art Exhibit, March 19-24.  The exhibits features art created by students K-12 with the theme this year, Kindness in Action, which will be held at FDR Library in Hyde Park.”

Dr. Carol Smith, Commissioner of Health and Mental Health

"Bullying in all forms is a major public health challenge and one that demands the attention of all stakeholders including parents, educators, community leaders and citizens from every walk of life,” said Dr. Carol Smith,  Commissioner of Health and Mental Health. “`No Name Calling Week,´ and County Executive Hein's leadership in shining a bright light on the issue, will help increase general awareness and understanding, and inspire corrective actions. We must unite to help protect those who have been impacted by bullying and help prevent it from happening in the future. We owe it to all of our children, and everyone in our community, to vigorously address this issue.”

According to the Cyberbullying Research Center:

  • 73% of students reported being bullied at some point in their lifetime.
  • 32% of students admitted that they had bullied others at school at some point in their lifetime.
  • Cyberbullying is when someone repeatedly threatens, harasses, mistreats, or makes fun  of another person (on purpose) online or while using cell phones or other electronic devices.
  • 34% of students experienced cyberbullying in their lifetime.
  • 12% of students admitted that they had cyberbullied others at some point in their lifetime.

Anti- Bullying and Bullying Prevention Resources in Ulster County:

Ulster County’s bullying prevention resource section can be viewed at http://ulstercountyny.gov/executive/stop-bullying.  To learn more about No Name-Calling Week please visit http://www.glsen.org/nonamecallingweek.

To highlight GLSEN’s NNCW, GLSEN Hudson Valley and the Hudson Valley LGBTQ Community Center will be hosting its Student Creative Expression Exhibit at the Henry A. Wallace Center at the FDR Presidential Library March 19 – March 24, 2018.