Procedure for Naming Roads in Ulster County

Pursuant to Resolution 233 August 8, 1991 of the Ulster County Legislature, designating the Ulster County Real Property Tax Service Agency (RPTSA) as administrator of the Right-of-Way Naming Act and authorizing it to coordinate activities among various agencies, departments and municipalities, the following procedures for naming roads in Ulster County are established. 

  • All requests for new road names in Ulster County, including but not limited to new subdivision roads, new road names for previously unnamed private roads and road name changes must be reviewed and approved by the Ulster County Department of Emergency Management (EM). 
  • All such requests must first be reviewed and authorized by the municipal Assessor, who will assure the consent of any other local officials involved with road naming. 
  • The primary purpose of the review by EM is to promote public safety by eliminating possible duplications of the same or similar sounding road names already in existence. 
  • Prior to filing a subdivision map showing a new road name, a Road Name Request Form, a copy of which is attached hereto, signed by EM must be submitted with the subdivision map to RPTSA. 
  • EM will forward copies of all Road Name Authorization forms to RPTSA. 
  • Where appropriate, the tax map will be updated to show the new and revised road names authorized by EM. 
  • These road naming procedures shall be updated from time to time as needed.