Healthy Ulster Council

Healthy Ulster Council is a key component of Ulster County's Community Health Improvement Plan, as it relates to the New York State Department of Health's Prevention Agenda and in support of County Executive Mike Hein's goal of making Ulster the healthiest county in New York.

The primary mission of the Healthy Ulster Council is to "connect the dots" between the multitude of organizations, sectors, programs and communities, in Ulster County, that are working to promote wellness and prevent illness. By building on existing strengths, leveraging resources and identifying potential synergies and funding sources, the Healthy Ulster Council works to enhance and improve health outcomes for all residents by creating an integrated system of chronic disease prevention.

Healthy Ulster Council activities and initiatives are designed to be broad enough to be inclusive of all stakeholders, new ideas and innovative approaches, while also being focused enough to achieve tangible and measurable results. 


Intitial CDPC Meeting Minutes - January 29, 2015

Meeting Notes: March 26, 2015

Meeting Notes: May 21, 2015 

Meeting Notes: July 23, 2015

Inventory of Prevention Resources in UC

PowerPoint Presentation (in PDF)

2015 Progress/Year in Review

Meeting Notes: June 9, 2016

Meeting Notes: August 11, 2016

Transportation and Health 08.11.16 - Presentation by Brian Slack, UC Planning

Relatives as Parents Program 08.11.16 - Presentation by Jennifer M. Patterson, Program Coordinator

If you would like more information on chronic disease prevention initiatives in Ulster County and/or how you can participate, please contact Kristen Wilson at kew67[at]cornell[dot]edu

If you are aware of preventive health related organizations, programs or services that the Chronic Disease Prevention Council should be aware of, please click on the following Survey Monkey link: